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2006-Aug-28 Mon, 17:52
I came across an interesting website the other day. Even though the author is pushing some products, the animation of the 10 dimensions is really cool.


Jim K.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Aug-30 Wed, 01:33
Aloha Jim,

An excellent site. I enjoyed the flash video and found it facinating. I guess I will read the book :)

String theory is much easier to understand with pictures lol.


2006-Aug-31 Thu, 09:37
Guys its a great book but still complicated.


Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Sep-01 Fri, 09:28
Aloha Daz,

It is amazing how much of what we learned in school doesn't carry on into our adult life. Physics is one area that lapses after college in most fields. In my day job I am a regional RF engineer for a Satellite Communications company out of Tampa Florida. I am also the station engineer for KHLU a low power television station here in the Hawaii. Some days I am just the cable guy and other days I am more the mad scientist. Physics is in my day every day but mostly the electrical and magnetic aspects and not the greater field. It would be great to escape and go back to the schoolhouse and concentrate solely on physics and math. In the library at the Guild I donated my complete set of the Feynman lectures on physics and I do see guild members carting around their old high school and college physics books, so the interest is high. I have considered using some of our class time to review basic concepts in physics and perhaps we will.

Aloha Glenn

2006-Sep-02 Sat, 04:42
I didnt learn much physics at school - its not something taught to any degree in the UK. But siince learning RV i have gobbled up all literature on physics that i can - the best is the book holographic universe which theorises a reason for psi abilities all based in physics at a quantumn level and I believe that one day it will be common knowledge that we are just experiencing level of quantum communication. I persoanlly feel that rv training needs a level of physics tranaing as they work hand in hand.

its good to see others also looking and researching this area :)

all the best...