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Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Aug-29 Tue, 02:35
Aloha All,

Monday night's class was about time and just where in the real world is yesterday. How is it possible that a Remote Viewer can reach back into time in a feat of mind and recover artifacts so far beyond our physical reach? It was my intent to show you a moment in time, and to take that moment 57 years ago and place it on the table for you to see. Once in a place where you could see it this moment in time was exposed so that you could practice touching it with the viewer inside.

So where is Yesterday? In the propagated model it is just outside the physical present along a continuum in our time. The waves of yesterday and all yesterday's still push forward and backwards along this continuum. Understand that these time waves are the residue of the continuous eruption of the now. They are pushed deep into the noise floor but not so deep they cannot be heard. Remote Viewers who train themselves to follow the pathways in time laid by Targeteers find these signal lines easily and follow them to their origins in their own time along the continuum. Once there we find the exchange between the target and the viewer can become so robust that by S-5 a viewer can engage the target itself in its' time in a quasi-reality.

This reality is limited by the abilities of the viewer to process or decode the environment. Decoding is what we all do constantly while we are alive. Energy from the environment is processed into our reality by various organs, senses, and systems. Our conscious and subconscious in conjunction with our collection systems present to our mind a facade of reality. If we change our attention to a different time, a different place, and listen closely enough, a different reality will begin to achieve coherence, and that which we are, can and will, begin to slide or shift along this pathway. There is a great will within the mind to achieve cognition and determine a sense of reality. If you prepare yourself for the experience and focus on getting enough data from the target the mind will help. It will strain to recognize patterns from any sensory information gleaned. It will extract light from sound, and sound from the tactile, and every sense you have will help decode the sensory information hidden from you.

Reality is a puzzle of mind. Mind constantly works this puzzle over and over again.

Can you change the puzzle pieces?


2006-Aug-29 Tue, 09:10
I will definately be listening to music differently after last night's class--and be more discriminating in my choices!

I love the idea of using a period piece modulated into white noise to act as a "taxi" to aid us in traveling the signal line to target faster. Another angle for the Targeteer to develop.

Glenn--Great choice of Edith Piaf's haunting "La Vie En Rose" to use as an example in class--she was able to capture so much of her environment in her voice.

Eerie to have that 3.2 magnitude earthquake rumble through the class as we were discussing wave propagation....

Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Aug-29 Tue, 17:13
Aloha Debra,

The latest news on last night's quake put it at 3.7 and originating in the waters between Molokai and Oahu. Certainly a lot closer than we thought. It is interesting that the tsunami sirens did not go off. Molokai can be seen from Oahu on a clear day so I am wondering if it makes a difference if the sirens go off or not when the quake occurs between the two islands.