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Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Sep-09 Sat, 22:13
Aloha All,

On Monday Night I will try an entrainment on something I have done in the past. It will be fairly simple but you must keep your wits about you. Observation must be acute and you must apply yourself when I give you the instructions. I will not lead you, nor will I cue you. My instructions will be to sit down, and look at something I will show you. If you see what is to be seen then you will know I have gone to the past and shown you quite a mystery.


Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Sep-11 Mon, 02:04

I spent several hours today finishing the entrainment for the Monday's class. Sita was shown the entrainment on Sunday so don't try and get any information from her about it. I will tell you that it works and you will be surprised. I am curious if you will believe what you will see. If you believe what you see, your next question will be how did I do it?

In wrestling with the design to send a message to the past that we could see I began to play with observation. I spent hours learning to see stereograms in just a glance and even more time with geometric shapes and horizontal and vertical lines. I designed a way for you to see what is not there to your alert mind but what is there for your subconscious to see. The message to the past was sent subconsciously so we will use the subconscious to see it. You may find it a bit spooky but rest assured it is not hypnosis and not magic. It is the message sent and received, nothing more.

Because the message is subconscious expect to only be able to see it for a second or two before you lose it. It has a life equal to the dwell time of a Visid or probe, but you can reacquire it as many times as you try. Once seen you will know it had to happen in the past that did not exist until now.

Aloha Glenn...

2006-Sep-12 Tue, 22:51
I've not read any posts here for a good two weeks. Yesterday I finished seting up an experiment to setup information to be received from the future. It sort of looks like sending information into the past. Who's picking up on who?
Maybe some previous posts here about changing the past, which I don't accept as real, her triggered these ideas.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Sep-13 Wed, 07:53
Aloha George,

I think some thoughts come of age in a way. Concepts and ideas bubble up over time on the foundation of the information stacking from previous experiences. When water boils it is never a single repetitive bubble pushing up from the bottom of the pot but a chaos of bubbles from different locations. It would be interesting to hear about your model to send information to the future or past.


2006-Sep-17 Sun, 00:20
The experiment did not work. It was mainly based on EFT. EFT is a way of eliminating stuck emotions, emotional blocks and pain by tapping on the acupressure points. Just lately I learned the method and found it works VERY well. There is a way to do it remotely called "surrogate EFT". I used this six times now with five clearly positive results. One pain relief I did with the communications via email .
I thought if I can send these "healing's" maybe I can send thoughts or data and why not try to get info from the future. I also set it up so that if it worked only to the present I could detect that also.
EFT will likely work to improve RV, e.g. eliminate the blocks. Several people have used it to dramatically improve sports performance.

Look up "surrogate" & "golf" on www.emofree.com (http:://www.emofree.com)