View Full Version : Peter Kema Case

2017-Jun-16 Fri, 19:13
This video has been removed...

Glenn B. Wheaton
2017-Jun-17 Sat, 00:46
Aloha Risto,

I find this video very disturbing. While I have no problem with Dick discussing his work on the project, I find Dr. Brown seems to imply that it was a Farsight effort. Hmmm


2017-Jun-23 Fri, 22:36
It i s very clear that HRVG material and methodology has been stolen and usurped as their own creations by the some in the remote viewing community, particularly the out there alien/conspiracy theory groups that unfortunately permeate the air waves. Also, I must say that people were duped by the most money hungry bunch of deviants who proudly strut among the RV community ...gleefully and in full view abusing indigent Thai farm young girls and proud Atlanta strippers \Diligent HONEST Journalists where are you ? The true remote viewers are being smothered by the fraud.