View Full Version : Practice targets

2017-Aug-09 Wed, 19:42
I was led to believe that Sita was going to put practice targets on the board to have a place for us to go to DO practice targets.
When is this going to happen or is that no longer in the program.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2017-Aug-10 Thu, 22:02
Hey Robert ! Great to see you still checking in. I will talk to Sita and get her plan for practice targets. She has had a busy last year. She's retired now from government service, moved to Colorado, then moved to Florida, then moved back to Hawaii. She still has a home in Colorado and she left the Islands yesterday heading back there for a few months to get some construction done at her home there. So to say she is busy is an understatement. I will check in with Dave Barnes and see if he can get a target page ready for the website. I know Sita wanted to be the Targeteer for the practice targets as she is currently the only instructor teaching new students. Anyway great to see you posting.