View Full Version : Time To Party!

Dick Allgire
2006-Sep-20 Wed, 00:01
HRVG has had some infamous and wonderful parties, but none recently. I say it is time to have a party.

Maria is back. Debra is back.

I suggest a Paella Feast, a cook-off. I'll abadon vegetarian diet for this night and make a seafood Paella with shrimp and scallops. I want to see Maria's authentic Spanish Paella. Perhaps we can include the Green Faerie.

Halloween at the latest. (Hmmm, Halloween and Absinthe??) Or even sooner. Let's schedule a celebration of something. Surely it is someone's birthday coming up. I'll bring videos of the cherry pit spitting contest and Maria Blows the Digeree.

Geopolitical discussions banned prior to ingestion of la Fee Verte. After that, the floor is open. We could schedule a board meeting, and I'm sure someone will second the notion- A party at the earliest possible time with good food, good conversation, and insights galore.



Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Sep-20 Wed, 02:03
Aloha Dick,

A grand idea! I am afraid the French Absinthe supply is exhausted, but as fortune would have it I do have a bottle of Absinthe from Spain and a few bottles of very old Scotch. I am working on a recipe for a nutmeg fennel cake with anise syrup to be served with the Green elixir. I know it's vegetarian but not sure if its vegan. We might have to get Debra to host as her kitchen is top notch.


2006-Oct-15 Sun, 15:54
Ah, the cherry pit spitting contest. I have pictures! I'll try to attach my favorite ... hopefully this works ...