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Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Sep-24 Sun, 00:04
Aloha All,

Coming to the Hrvg library is a difficult to find hard cover copy of "Conjuring up Philip". I read this book a very long time ago and I think you will find it interesting what it depicts as the power of intent as it applies to PK/TK. It's an interesting read so give it a look. It's in shipment just now and expected this next week.


2006-Oct-01 Sun, 03:11
I've been waiting for this one since you mentioned the story. Lucky you were able to get a copy. After hearing the story I tried to get my hands on one, but no luck... until now of course.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Oct-02 Mon, 00:24
Aloha J,

There is also a PBS program that was made and I have a friend in Canada tracking it down. With Luck we will get a copy for the library also.