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Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Sep-25 Mon, 22:45
Aloha All,

I have been corresponding a great deal lately about Dr. Ireland whose picture you see on our homepage here every now and then. So many people say they never heard of him and I am kind of reminding the world a bit that this amazing man did exist and in his time he was the absolute best at what he did. I worked with Richard for two years and came to admire and respect him. He is one of the three men who have shaped my life. I thought I would excerpt chapter 9 of his book, which is getting more difficult to find. In the chapter you find a little insight to who knew Richard besides Glenn Wheaton. I have a great deal of material about Richard and his work for the US Army. Col Martha Raye who many may know as Colonel Maggie in the Special Forces was responsible for my meeting Richard. I am sorting through what can or shouldn't be shared and will share the history a bit in the forum here. I am currently working on Richard and his relationship with Robert Kennedy. Richard was with Bobby on the night of his assassination. After I finish that I want to work a bit on the Psychedelic Unicorn. This is an unpublished book by Richard, which is still in manuscript form.

Excerpt from Chapter 9 of Dr. Richard Ireland's "The Phoenix Oracle"

I first met Gloria Swanson when I was making a public demonstration for a select group from North American Aviation. I had invited her and she was kind enough to come. She found it most enjoyable and interesting. Since that time I have worked for her psychically. I have also worked for Eddie Albert, Glenn Ford, Jennifer Jones, Terry Moore, Roberta Sherwood, the Kim Sisters, Don Rickles, Henry Mancini, Loretta Young, Gizelle MacKenzie, Godfrey Cambridge; and such TV people as Joe Pyne, Bill Dana, and Alan Burke. Also I have been involved with many writers, like Jess Sterne, Harold Sherman, Gina Cerminara; and men such as Bishop Pike, who was a very good friend of mine.

When Gizelle MacKenzie introduced me to Jan Murray on a TV show, she said, "Jan, I would like you to meet my friend, Dr. Richard Ireland. He has ESP."

Jan jumped back and said, "My God! I hope it isn't catching!"

I have known Mae West for many years, sixteen to be exact. She kindly calls me her personal psychic and she is a most charming and amazing woman.

I remember the time when I was playing the Hotel Aladdin in Las Vegas. I had just been held over for an additional three weeks. It was interesting because at the time my greatest skeptics were the people who worked there. This was especially true of the boys in the light booth. I had found out at the end of the first three weeks that they had purchased a pair of binoculars and were watching me closely during the time when I was on stage. But by the time my engagement was almost finished, they had become believers.

On this particular night, as I was walking past the gambling tables on my way to the dinning room at the Hotel Aladdin, I noticed one of the Kim Sisters at the roulette table. I stopped and said to her, "Why don't you play number 13?"
So she put a quarter chip on 13 and I went into the dinning room. Usually, she bets rather heavily and doesn't like number 13 at all. The only reason she bet was because I had suggested it. Number 13 came up and she was very disturbed that she had not bet a dollar or five dollars, which she ordinarily would have done as she had many other numbers covered on the table. She placed the quarter on the 13 because she did not like the number!

Bishop Pike as I mentioned, was a very close friend of mine. As a matter of fact, he and I had talked prior to his last trip to Israel. I wanted to accompany him because of our mutual interests in the historicity of Jesus, His life, and times, but I was unable to go. Still we had a great many common interests and enjoyed numerous stimulating conversations. We were great friends, and I believe I have the last letter he ever wrote, which I received after the news of his unfortunate death.

Alan Burke paid me a high compliment when I appeared on his TV show. He said he had presented various so-called psychics and magicians, but after I performed he turned to me and said, "You, sir, are for real!"

On another, Gizelle MacKenzie was kind enough to take time out of her show in Las Vegas to spend fifteen minutes introducing me to the audience. She said that someone was present who had unusual psychic powers, which I thought was very kind.

James Cagney had a most interesting psychic experience, which he wrote about in a magazine. It occurred while he and his wife were traveling to San Francisco. Driving at eighty-five miles an hour, a voice appeared out of nowhere and warned him of danger. He and his wife recognized the voice as that of his dead father. Finally, after heeding the warning, he noticed a trailer blocking the road up ahead, creating an obstruction. If he had not listened to the warning of his dead father, he would have been killed.

All of the movie and TV people I have known are interested in the psychic and have experienced varying degrees of psychic awareness.

Dr. Richard Ireland.