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Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Oct-06 Fri, 00:54
Aloha All,

Can you feel it?


2006-Oct-08 Sun, 03:23
It's just the caffeine! (:-)

Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Oct-08 Sun, 09:27
Aloha Robert,

TACOMA, WA, United States (UPI) -- No injuries or damage have been reported from the area of Western Washington around Mount Rainer shaken by a magnitude 4.5 earthquake.

The light to moderate quake hit the region around 7:45 p.m. Saturday, but officials in Snohomish and Pierce counties reported no quake-related problems, the Seattle Times.

But you may be right, our Kona coffee is awesome and it will give you the shakes, or cure them if you already have them.


2006-Oct-08 Sun, 10:09
Yea, Seattle WA did a complete upgrade of the bridges about eight or nine years back. They are expecting a R Scale of 7 or better in the near future.

2006-Oct-08 Sun, 11:15
I should be more clear: Seattle did RENOVATIONS on their bridges. They are very old and need some repair anyway. I don't know that there are any bridges in Tacoma. The freeway overpasses in Seattle are already sturdy but I would not count on them withstanding a good shake up from a quake in the 7 or 8 maginitude. We can all look to San Francisco for lessons learned and Los ANgeles back in the eighties.

2006-Oct-15 Sun, 08:35
This was posted on the Indychannel News. If you happened to be RVing at the time you probably thought you were bi- locating!(:-)

HONOLULU -- An earthquake measuring 6.3 shook the Hawaiian Islands on Sunday morning, according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

It happened at 7:07 a.m. off the Waikoloa coast on the Big Island, according to scientists at the PTWC.

Kona appears to have taken the brunt of the quake. Kona Community Hospital reported structural damage and multiple landslides were reported on the Hamakua Highway, officials said.

The quake knocked out power to all of Oahu. Residents reported feeling the shaking for more than a minute in some places. Residents in Niu Valley said the quake made items fall off shelves.

"It was an unusually large magnitude and in an unusual location," one scientist said.

A scientist at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said he believed this was the largest earthquake in Hawaii since 1983.

2006-Oct-15 Sun, 12:21
Hi, just saw Dick Allgire on the KITV live internet feed.
Sounds like he's going to be very busy for the next few days.


Good luck to you guys, Hope no one is seriously hurt.
Take care,
(As I sit here in Los Angeles wondering when our turn is :eek: )