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2006-Oct-15 Sun, 13:30
I hope you are all in one piece out there. I don't imagine you will be posting too quickly if the damage is as bad as the news reports have indicated. Post when you can and let us all know what the situation is.

Best of luck

Cheryle Hopton
2006-Oct-15 Sun, 15:16
Hi All,

I just spoke with Glenn, and he said that he is without power. The governor has declared the state disaster area. Oahu did not receive much damage, but power has been knocked out across the island and is not expected to be back on any time soon. The big island of Hawaii took the brunt of the damage, but no deaths or injuries have been reported. If you would like more information about the quake, please Google the TV stations from Hawaii. No tsunami so far.

Cheryle Hopton

2006-Oct-15 Sun, 15:42
Well, Glenn, I realize it's probably in poor taste to make this comment, but I was wondering if'n you still have your cache of Y2K survival supplies ... :D And I sincerely hope that you aren't sitting out on your front lawn right now with your shotgun, holding off the hungry hordes desperate for your freeze-dried beans and ramen noodles. :p

Seriously ... I hope you and the rest of the HRVG family are doing well. I miss y'all!


Cheryle Hopton
2006-Oct-15 Sun, 16:17
Hi All,

Glenn and Dick are okay. Dick is probably busy with the news station, and Glenn will be taking care of any cable problems on the island. I'm sure all prayers will be appreciated.

Cheryle Hopton

2006-Oct-15 Sun, 22:27
I just spoke with Glenn and he has been in touch with most of the resident HRVG crew. Everyone is doing fine. As Cheryle previously mentioned, the Big Island of Hawaii had the worst damage. Oahu's main issue was the island wide power outage. The area I live at had a power outage of ~14 hours. Glenn's side of the island is still without power. The Hawaiian Electric Co. said it hopes to restore power to the rest of the island by midnight. What is making things worse is the weather. It's been raining all day. Yesterday, the island of Oahu was under a flash flood warning, today there was a flash flood watch, and tomorrow's forecast is more rain. It's gloomy, muggy, humid weather. With all that said, Hawaii is still paradise.


Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Oct-16 Mon, 02:25
Thanks for passing the info around. I got the Cable services on the Leeward properties back on by 5 pm, but didn't get Chinatown back up till almost 8 pm. Driving the tunnels with no overhead lights was spooky but folks seemed to be stopping at all the intersections and yielding to the right, except in Chinatown, that was a bit like a scene from Ben Hur. The rain continues and the weather is very poor. Thanks for posting the class cancellation Jason, and Cheryle thanks for all your help. If the grid stays up tomorrow will be a brighter day. The Quakes did knock 6 of my 12-foot satellite dishes off their blocks down in Chinatown. Took a bit of time to reset them, you would be amazed what you can do with a car jack. Well going to find Nimo and get some sleep. Stay safe and tomorrow we will get more news from the Big Island.


Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Oct-16 Mon, 02:29
Aloha Angel,

Well still have plenty of food and of course the Y2K fish are a lot bigger so I can squeeze a few more meals out of them lol. But thanks for reminding me, I will have to reset the pumps in the morning and get all that working again. I hope you are well and you are overdue with your quarterly email about your travels :)

Email the news when you can.

Aloha Nui Loa ANgel


John Morrison
2006-Oct-16 Mon, 18:29
Aloha and all the best survival calm creativity...candles, e-food,
clean water, good company...was reading Dick's commentary
about Debra's quiet side of island, good place to RV and then
abruptly in Santa Rosa read headlines and immediately thought
of you folks...sending Reiki energy...bless you all...read the posts.
Hope the weather changes...soon...surprising what a carjack can

Santa Rosa

Dick Allgire
2006-Oct-16 Mon, 22:34
It was interesting to see people lined up at blacked out stores .. standing in line for an hour or more to get a bottle of water and a snack. People looking for a McDonalds to get something to help clog their arteries. Nothing available.

Since Y2K (people called me a conspiracy nut) I have kept water and food, and a small butane stove on hand.

When the quake hit and power went out, I pulled my FREEPLAY RADIO (Yes from Art Bell back in days) off the shelf and wound that sucker up and listened to the radio reports.

I took out some stored food and fired up the gas stove and had a great meal. I used bottled water to brush my teeth and wash my hair. Who's a conspiracy nut now, huh?