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Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Oct-16 Mon, 00:58

Aloha all,

Can you feel it?


The above was a simple post I put on the bulletin board here at www.hrvg.org just a week ago. I knew it was coming and this morning it came.

I was awake just before 7am and was lying in bed watching the clock and my cat Nimo trying to sleep. At 7:02 I began to feel a buzz in my ears. I say feel because it was not the same as hearing. At 7:04 I began to feel a low vibration that began to steadily grow. At 7:06 it became a rumble as the shockwaves began to approach the Island. Seconds later shockwaves hit the house from the southeast for a full 2 minutes. The house took the shocks and as soon as it ended that was the 6.6 Quake. I immediately began to feel the buzz in my ears again, and the vibration and the rumble and a couple of minutes later the 5.8 Quake hit. That was followed by a 4.2 quake and at least 21 additional aftershocks before the buzzing, vibration, and rumbles ended.

The power had gone out before the 2nd Quake and the Rain began to fall very hard. The clouds began to slide down the sheer thousand foot walls of the Ko'olau mountain range above my home and enveloped everything bringing visibility to a white misty haze condition. I continued to listen for the Tsunami horns and wondered if there was enough time to get up the mountain before one could hit. I knew this Quake was close and I concluded that if there was a Tsunami it was already too late. I put the earlier post up with a laptop and the bits of power left in my ups (power supply).

All television stations were knocked off the air and so were all the radio stations except one, KSSK in Honolulu continued to replay a program from the previous day. It was a full 35 minutes after the quakes before someone at the station announced that there was a quake. There was no Civil Defense Warnings and no Emergency Broadcast Service. 911 did not work, it either buzzed out or you went on auto hold. I called Dick and got through to him and his 10th floor condo got smacked pretty hard also, he is on the other side of the mountain range. On his side of the island there were no horns, no EBS, and no 911, and like us no power, TV, and only yesterdays news on the only radio station working. I got out a better battery powered radio and began to pick up some radio broadcasts coming from Maui and the news was not good. The 6.6 had an epicenter on land and it had snapped Waikaloa on Hawaii like a bullwhip. If the epicenter had been in the water the bullwhip would have been a Tsunami and very doubtful that we coastal dwellers would still be here.

I no longer believe in Tsunami Horns, EBS, or 911. I will continue to believe in people though. A lot happened today and everyone did what they could.

Aloha Glenn

Dick Allgire
2006-Oct-16 Mon, 22:22

I did have a “premonition” or “tagging” of the quake. On Saturday night 10/14 -about 10 hours before the earthquake - a couple of friends came over for the evening. They brought beer and drank plenty. For some reason I declined any alcohol. I thought I DON’T WANT TO HAVE ANY BIT OF A HANGOVER TOMORROW. My friends drank and partied- I drank Perrier and stayed sober.

I walked out with them as they left. I live on the top corner unit of an 11-story condo building in Makiki. There is a pretty breathtaking walkway along the outside of the building to the elevator. I saw them to the elevator and walked back to my condo, admiring the view.

The tagging came. I was struck by the thought I live high atop of a bunch of boxes, suspended in mid-air by some steel and concrete, an odd and disconcerting place to live if you pause and ponder it. The thought stopped me for a moment and I looked around.

But it passed, and as I walked into my apartment another thought struck me: Even though this is a seemingly precarious place to dwell, when I’m inside this place it is HOME. It feels safe and it is solid and I never think about being so high in the air. THIS WAS THE MESSAGE but you have to know how to accept it. I noted it but did not understand it, nor did I act on it.

I closed the door and was inside my HOME. Safe and solid, but in the back of my mind I was not convinced. I went to bed, but had an uneasy sleep, like the sleep you have when you are running a fever, with a repeating theme of something wrong that keeps buzzing in your mind. I awoke at 3:00 AM, 3:30 AM, 5:00, 6:45 AM. My wife Mimi gets up earlier than I. She exercises and (bless her) makes breakfast for me. At 7 I was trying to get a few final moments of sleep before getting up for work.

I was half asleep when an evil growl came. You know in horror movies when the devil in a terrible low voice says: “I AM BEILIZBUB!” Now imagine that voice letting loose a guttural growl. That was the growl that brought me fully awake as the windows started rattling terribly.

My first half asleep impression was that it was a storm- the wind. But the wind doesn’t make your bed rattle. The wind doesn’t make the floor jump. I leapt out of bed and out to the kitchen where Mimi was preparing breakfast.

The building- MY HOME- shook like an evil force was trying to break it apart. Things were flying off shelves and careening around the room. It was surreal. The walls were shaking one direction, the windows another, the floor was heaving. I could best describe it as THE FUNHOUSE IN HELL. I couldn’t believe my condo could be buckling in so many different directions without busting at the joints. It was like a comical nightmare where physical reality comes unglued. The earthquake didn’t feel like a quake, or a tremor, or a rolling wave. It felt like an evil beast more powerful than mere steel and concrete. Three-dimensional reality seemed to be coming apart at the seams. It was like a terrible nightmare. I honestly thought the building was going to collapse.

We were left whimpering and moaning.

Our building is old and I now think the structure actually amplified the tremors.

I didn’t shave, couldn’t shower and went to work for 15 hours. Came home late at night and slept a bit and then today I just worked another 12 hour day. I went to the Big Island and scored amateur video of the pali (cliff) at Kealakekua Bay collapsing.

I’ve seen lava bubbling up and spurting from the volcano, and I’ve felt the 6.7 earthquake. Both things left me with a feeling that the earth is alive.

About tagging, here’s the trick. When you pause at the door and have that little thought, learn how to acknowledge and understand it.



Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Oct-18 Wed, 02:16
Aloha Dick,

I smiled when I read your post. There is a bit more to the story and we can discuss it in class in greater detail. When I made the "Earthquake" post it was after many hours of thought and sorting out in my mind what exactly I knew. When I say sort you can imagine the thousands of thoughts we have each day. Sometimes we don't know the origins of some of our thoughts.

My earthquake post was very simple and really only consisted of four words. Those words were "Can you feel it?" Now let me think where have you heard those words before? Last year you sat in my kitchen before class chatting with other Guild members while a musical piece was being played over and over and at one point you asked if it could be turned down. The class that night was on Derren Brown's Entrainment skill in "The Heist" in which the trigger music was Michael Jackson's "Can you feel it". That was the music you asked to be turned down.

Now in late September on the 28th "The Heist" was brought up in a short discussion on the IRVA yahoo Group.

Are you smiling yet?

Exactly one month earlier on August 28th as we were doing the entrainment exercise on La Vie en Rose and discussing wave propagation while Edith Piaf's haunting music played in the classroom. Mixed in the noise of Edith's classic piece was Michael Jackson's "Can You Feel It".

Now here is Debra's post from Tuesday the 29th of August a day after that class.


love the idea of using a period piece modulated into white noise to act as a "taxi" to aid us in traveling the signal line to target faster. Another angle for the Targeteer to develop.

Glenn--Great choice of Edith Piaf's haunting "La Vie En Rose" to use as an example in class--she was able to capture so much of her environment in her voice.

Eerie to have that 3.2 magnitude earthquake rumble through the class as we were discussing wave propagation...

Aloha Debra


I tried to design this entrainment to activate the group mind. I did not N3D it I spelled it out plainly Earthquake...Can you feel it? So far 4 Guild members have contacted me and said they knew it was coming. Your the only one to put it in print so far.

Surely you are smiling now :)


2006-Oct-22 Sun, 10:06
I can imagine you guys remote viewing just before the quake.
As you probe the ideogram for sensories, the quake begins, and you think:
WOW!!!! THATS SOME POWERFUL SENSOY DATA!!!! Then it dawns on you what is happening. (:-)

Glad your all ok.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Oct-22 Sun, 11:08
Aloha Robert,

One of the most interesting gains from exercising your mind in remote viewing is the growth of your own ability to actually think. Most people have a quasi chaos in their thought patterns as they go about the day. In some cases thoughts follow actions or activities and others have to get their thoughts in order before they can act or react. Many years ago Richard Ireland told me that you must take time every day to get your thoughts in order, perhaps at the end of each day take 15 or 30 minutes to just think about the day just ending and the days to come. He said it was in this time that the insight that many people sought in the psychic world could be exercised. In thinking of the day it would be the ancillary thoughts that arise that would have origins deep from the well of our psyche.

Remote Viewing is indeed the best thought shaper to confront the unseen or the unknown. We learn to look deeper for our answer than the state of our current self and its' knowledge, we attempt to look outside or beyond. I think after awhile most will begin to see the change in themselves as they understand what it is exactly that they know. Take those few moments late at night and flex your mind a bit.

The recent quake did an enormous amount of damage and will be felt here for some time to come. But what the quake also did was make us all think of those 4 little words, "Can you feel it?" before it happens...


PS> Thanks for the well wishes :)