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2006-Oct-18 Wed, 07:33

I have a question about a post you made a long time ago and was wondering if you could give me a link to it or a ball park guess regarding a date range.

You were writing at great length about something and one of the side stories was about your observation of a special training exercise in the military where you observed a soldier fall through the ice of a lake, somehow make it out, and return to dive in and retrieve his stuff.

If I recall correctly, you were of the opinion that he should have died of hypothermia.

Aside from the link or date range, would you be able to elaborate further?



2006-Oct-18 Wed, 14:27
To further elaborate, what was so remarkable about this story was that it was freezing cold, and not only did the soldier dive under water to retrieve his pack, but he also had to make a fire, strip down and dry his clothes, all without assistance.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Oct-18 Wed, 19:33
Hey John,

I wil dig it up for you, I am sure it is in the archives.


Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Oct-18 Wed, 20:01
Hi John,

Here is the post you inquired about.


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Aloha Dick,

You asked a fair question and I will certainly give you a better answer than my previous one. I would say that my realization of the training implications was pretty much as significant as being in control for the first time. For the most part the average person is singularly driven with concepts of purpose and methods, a sort of “Way” in which you respond to the requirements of the environment.

Once you are trained to become more global in your thoughts and actions it changes the “need feed” cycle that most are stuck in. The way of thinking is changed especially in a team or group from “Me” to “US”. While I have been in many discussions on Hive or Group Mentality and goals, it is more than that because there is a “Litter Aspect” of group growth. Terms like Bond, Stand, Share, Succeed, Sacrifice, and Excel become the norm while concepts of individual efforts are not personalized. Global thinking is the secret to teamwork. Without Global thinking there are few extraordinary perceptual abilities.

Global thinking enables control of the self in the “Me” and coherence in the “Us”. The human is seldom really trained beyond conventional custom and behavior requirements of the society. I would say that when MJ001 first formed the concept of self or “Me” diminished as the “US” rose to its zenith. This was outside of society, outside of self, and certainly was one of the most extraordinary groups of remote viewers to collaborate on targets within the Guild. It has always been such that a fine few would accomplish that which an army could not.

We wrestle with conflicts and seldom perceive the situation as it really is. Would you rather fight 4 men who were strangers or four men who were brothers? Would you look at the mountain as an enemy or a friend? Will the desert kill you or keep you safe? If you were buried in snow could you live for 5 minutes, for 10 minutes, for 15 minutes before you die, or would you devise a method to escape? At what point do you lie down and die? You would not believe how easily some people will quit on life. That is always a weakness of self.

In a cold weather exercise a friend fell through the thin ice on a Massachusetts lake. While he was under observation none of the observers moved in to aid him in anyway. He was in cold weather gear, carrying 120 pounds in his pack, with weapons, and snowshoes. There was no way for him to survive the event without dropping his gear, including his heavy clothing. He took a breath and slipped below the water. He was under the cold water for a full minute but surfaced completely naked and made his way to the shore where he built a fire using hair from his own head as tinder. It took him 4 hours to re-warm himself, make ropes, make an ice skid, and return to the hole in the ice where he dove back into the lake to retrieve every piece of his equipment. Another four hours and all his gear was, clean, dry, and repacked.

Over the next two days he made up the lost eight hours by traveling for 48 hours straight. It would be something for the average person to just stay awake for 48 hours, but for one to endure this hardship and still excel is extraordinary. In the post operation physical exams he was found to be in perfect health with no cold weather injuries or heat exhaustion. Training works when this is the result.

While the trainers are smart sometimes the students amaze themselves. If you were placed inside a tepee style tent for 3 days with no food or water how long would it be before you realized that there was a chocolate bar buried 3 feet below the ground directly beneath the center of the tent. After a day would you begin to think about chocolate? After two days could you actually smell the chocolate bar? How long before you would find it? If you found it would you eat it all or take a single bite?

Those that train themselves will be surprised at how your ability will increase.

Aloha Glenn


I hope this helps in some way.

Aloha Glenn

2006-Oct-18 Wed, 20:26
That was it exactly Glenn.

Not that I'm up for the exact scenario, but are you aware of a training course for civilians that would teach the skills necessary to come out of a situation like that alive?

Was he using some type of autogenic technique to maintain his body temperature above where it should have been?