View Full Version : Care Packages for Our Deployed Soldiers

2006-Nov-23 Thu, 06:17
Hi all,

I am putting together 2 care packages for 2 brigades of our soldiers deployed in Iraq. There is a huge Forward Operating Base (FOB) in Iraq, but the AFEES store, the only retail outlet in the country that caters to our military forces there, are always running out of basic necessities like shower gel, toothpaste, lotion, and the soldiers are requesting stuff like that (but they said they wouldn't balk at any DVDs coming their way as their lives consist of wait, run, patrol, patrol, wait, run, patrol...If you would like to donate, it may be easier to just send a donation and I can procure the items. The soldiers I am sending these items to have a very difficult job. They are munitions experts and have to lay their lives on the line whenever an "IED" (Improvised Explosive Device) is reported. So, what little we can do to make their lives as comfortable as can be in that hellish wasteland they're in will be great appreciated by everyone there. (Feminine items needed also). Send donation to Primasita Seery, 45-646 Kulukeoe Place, Kaneohe, HI 96744. I will let them know who provided the goodies if you want.

I need to get this out in the next couple of weeks, so if you want to help out, just send a small donation to me. Could you also write on the back of the envelope "FOR OUR TROOPS" please?

Thank you all and take care,