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2006-Dec-02 Sat, 20:38
Am a new on line student and am frustrated to the point of asking for a refund. First, I had to ask for the first disk; it should have come autimatically, and now no targets. Why hasn't someone written a manual? There seems to be a lack of organization, and I am annoyed..

Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Dec-02 Sat, 21:36
Aloha Tim,

Sounds like you are having some difficulties. I will be happy to assist you if I can. My email is wheaton@lava.net. Fire me off an email and give me the particulars, when you signed up and who your mentor is, etc. If your mentor was going to send a disc that can only be Dick's instructional set which I believe goes through Playfair and that is not normally part of the instructional block but no reason why you can't get one. We get a little spread out during the holidays but no worries. Send me an email and I will get to work on it. In the meantime if your just too frustrated let me know and I will send you a refund immediately (or Monday might be more realistic).

Aloha Glenn

2006-Dec-04 Mon, 04:26

I am an old member. I don't know anything about the HRVG course being on CD but it's a good idea. I too have noticed there has been few targets posted as of late but I imagine it's because there are fewer people working on the HRVG staff to look after things. I have been asking for more Newsletter publications but unfortunately there is no one to oversee that project either. Ovrall I would say the HRVG site is a GOOD RV site but yes, things have slowed down a bit.

There is nothing stopping you from doing other targets from other sites useing the HRVG method. I have done so and have had some good results. Have had some real duds too. (:-)

Dick Allgire
2006-Dec-05 Tue, 18:01

I am in Thailand. Before leaving I mailed a DVD to you with all of stage one instruction. When I return I'll get together with you personally. If the DVD has not arrived yet there is a problem. Let me know.
Glenn, we need to get some targets up or the target page activated. I thought there were past targets available for students to work.



Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Dec-05 Tue, 20:25
Aloha Dick,

I hope the trip is going well. Any sight of SGM Freddie? Try the SF Clubhouse for news. I hope the SkyTrain project turns out well, I know Muffi is waiting on pins and needles. I would also send it to Charles Djou. Anyway no worries we have been mailing and emailing Tim. Enjoy your trip and email me if you need anything.