View Full Version : A President Dies

Dick Allgire
2006-Dec-26 Tue, 22:43
When CNN interrupted with "BREAKING NEWS" about the death of president Gerald Ford it stopped me for a moment. I sat there and thought about the amazing tool, this fantastic mental discipline that Glenn has passed to us.

In a homework assignment last month I specifically predicted this event on audio tape, sent with time stamp. It makes me humble, and causes me to think about how Glenn has enriched my life and my consciousness- never accepting any money for what he has shared with us.

I keep being amazed. Thanks Glenn.



Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Dec-27 Wed, 00:17
Aloha Dick,

Merry Christmas and Welcome Home Dick. It was good to see you at the Christmas party and please tell Mimi thanks for the gift.

You know Dick it's been almost a decade since you and I began to work together and some of the things we have learned along the way have helped us to position ourselves so that we can know some things before they occur. Your work on the homework assignment from last month is a very nice piece of work. We just don't think these types of thoughts on demand or as we are casually walking along the street. We must get our minds right and position our attention far and away from ourselves. My compliments as yet another piece of your homework puzzle comes together.

When we look at the exercise in which you produced the information on the former President's death, we both know that it was a process that can be improved with practice and work. Rather than compliment me I would prefer you give yourself a smile and realize you have worked very hard to think beyond yourself.

And you have :)