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2006-Dec-28 Thu, 09:06
Looking at the board I see lots of hits
but there seems to be very little actually going on here these
days. Just curious. Has the staff been whittled down to a handfull?
Don't see anymore targets posted either. What can we do to liven things up?

Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Dec-28 Thu, 22:12
Aloha Robert,

Much of what the Guild is up to is not on the website. With weekly classes and the shift in the class subject matter to focus on Entrainment and ancillary Remote Viewing skills we have not been publishing sessions. Classes have been dealing with Entrainment, Remote Viewing Theory, Time, and other topics that are really more food for the mind and not publication materials. The Holiday tempo at Hrvg traditionally is slow and this year is no different. The online training area is still under construction as well as the targets section. Jared is the Target Committee Chair and he has been wrestling with programmers in the Philippines for a few months now to get the targets section upgraded but the results have been less than stellar from the programmer. Jared's ideas for the targets section are excellent, but to date the programmers have not come through.

From January to April 2007 much of our focus will be on designing Analysis support software for a beta test Sita will be running for 3 Non-Guild personnel. The lack of qualified analysts is still a major shortcoming in the community. Once the beta testers go through the analysis blocks we intend to have them use the support software and we will work out the tweaks and add the whistles and bells. I do know the software will require touch screens and we have the resources to provide them to the beta testers. With luck Sita will make a presentation on the software at the next conference.

Hmmm not much more news going on in the Guild. We may be a little slow but we'll get there.


2006-Dec-29 Fri, 08:20
Hummmmm. Maybe I should just move to Hawaii, but I'm afraid I couldn't afford the cost of living there.