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2007-Jan-12 Fri, 06:26
"Celebrate Global Warming Day."

The Ten Best Things
about Global Warming:

10. Why pay for tattoos when melanoma's free?
9. No more pesky weeds. In fact, no more pesky plants.
8. Nile Encephalitis: not just for Egyptians anymore.
7. Furnaces convert easily into tornado shelters.
6. Helsinki: the new Riviera.
5. Middle East oil producers feel right at home— everywhere.
4. Golfers only need a putter and a sand wedge.
3. For those who can't get enough of global warming. One word: Venus.
2. Steaks, medium rare, on the hoof.
1. Three thongs and you're dressed!

Brought to you by GardenEarth.com and the authors of DEAD MARS, DYING EARTH.

Please include this credit with copies. Thanks.

2007-Jan-12 Fri, 06:29
I forgot to put the web address:

Nice website and interesting articals.