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Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Jan-21 Sun, 11:25

If you live out here in the Islands and you listen very carefully you can feel it building. I for one hope it will miss Japan and Our Islands.


Dick Allgire
2007-Jan-21 Sun, 19:22
Hi Glenn,

We talked about this today while you let me pick avocados from your tree. (Thanks for avocados!)
I agree, when you are quiet in that almost asleep place lying in your bed, you can sense the vibration. This piece of earth is not stable.


2007-Jan-21 Sun, 21:28
I'm feeling it on this end of the island. Something is brewing.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Jan-21 Sun, 23:59
Aloha Dick & Nemo,

The Kaneohe shelf out here seems to have an intermittent low growling deep underground that can be felt if you listen carefully. For the last several hours I have pondered how to tell the direction the rumbles are coming from. Debra if you are reading this bring the small compass transit to class tomorrow night and we will see if we can get an azimuth of arrival on the earth energy passing underneath us.


2007-Jan-22 Mon, 07:10
Maybe it's time to pack up and hit the road?
But where would you all go?
Several years ago people were talking about how California
was due for the big one and was going
to drop off into the sea. Several people packed their bags and headed
for the Colorado mountains.....only to be smacked by what they
were hopeing to avoid, AN EARTH QUAKE! There IS nowhere to run.
Perhaps we should start building our homes on "pontoons." (:-)

Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Jan-22 Mon, 11:16

I think this old earth has to shake every now and then. In our location it is to be expected considering we still have an active volcano just a few hundred miles away on the big island. I try not to compare us discussing the island stressing up a bit to an end of the world scenario. Actually the location Nemo, Sita, Anne, and I live, used to be inside solid rock. At some point in the past half the Koolau range split and is currently in a debris field 250 miles away resting deep in ocean. Amazing...


2007-Jan-23 Tue, 07:20
Can you swim? Hahahaha.
Just kidding.