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Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Jan-25 Thu, 00:46
Aloha All,

Next week in class we will get the opportunity to view Derren Brown's latest in his video series. It is titled "Something Wicked this way comes". More and more in his presentations Derren has been employing "Entrainment" and this program is a Masterwork. I have spent some time breaking down the NLP portions of the program and have isolated the incidences within the program where "Randomness" was affected. By "Affected" I mean that "Randomness" ceased to be unbiased. Unlike "Inside your Mind" where Derren pulled off a spectacular NLP based Entrainment this live performance shows Derren reaching a new level where he actually brings "Randomness" under his control.

Now we has seen Randomness controlled in Entrainment demonstrations in the Guild as well as using Entrainment to make certain abstracts such as "Affinity" become visible. Derren uses a brute force method to enjoin over 1,000 people in his audience to bring about a conclusion to a series of events that shows a mastery of design. At the end of the program he will expose the NLP design but he does not explain how Randomness became so biased. Perhaps he does not know, but many of the things he will say leads one to believe that he does. I assure you that you will enjoy this presentation by Derren.

Aloha Glenn