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Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Jan-25 Thu, 22:39

This is definitely the year for Analysis Awareness and there are a few things underfoot in regards to Analysis.

Dick is writing an article on Analysis for an upcoming edition of the IRVA Newsletter "Aperture". Dick is a fine writer and I look forward to reading his piece on Analysis. I have always wondered why Paul and Lyn never included an analytic block to their training programs. In a recent chat with Paul I got the chance to ask why that was. To teach even low level analysis takes time and neither Paul nor Lyn really have that much time. Out here in the Guild it is a bit different, I actually get years with the folks in the Guild.

At the end of April Sita will be beginning a Beta test to train a few analysts out there in the world to handle and process Remote Viewing session work. It will be interesting to see the results of this test. Running parallel with Sita's Beta test will be a software development effort to simplify some of the analytic tasks and we hope the same Beta testers will hang in for that portion also. The effort with luck will culminate with a demo and release of the software to coincide with the 2007 IRVA Conference.

I am pleased that both Lyn and Dr. Courtney Brown have agreed to participate in the software development phase. Lyn's expertise in CRV based databases will assist in keeping the software functional across the spectrum of methodologies and Dr. Brown's knowledge with statistics and handling Remote Viewing data will be a great asset.

So before the end of this year we hope to increase the number of analysts in the guild to at least 10, develop a competent software platform for them, and leave at least 3 shiny new Analysts out there in CRV world to get an analytic effort going in the greater community.


Dick Allgire
2007-Jan-25 Thu, 22:42
Wow Glenn,

You have become both a diplomat and an optimist in your old age.



Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Jan-26 Fri, 00:33
Dick your gonna spoil my Entrainment lol...

BTW I opted to post the Analysis piece over a lengthy piece I spent 5 hours putting together on why Dean Radin is wrong on Entanglement and True Randomness does not exist. ACk !