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Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Feb-16 Fri, 22:55
Aloha All,

Something a bit funny to share from an article published in 1978. In an obvious satire the following definition was offered for Remote Viewing.

Remote Viewing --- Voyeurism of a very sneaky sort. Some people, maybe most people, have the ability to look at things that are quite elsewhere. In remote-viewing experiments, a subject will often give a narrative description of what he or she sees and will draw a picture or two to help out. Any faint resemblance between the viewer's drawing or account and the real thing is considered a hit. There are no misses, only bad luck. In cases of apparent misses, the viewer has simply taken a wrong turn somewhere and wound up viewing the wrong thing.

I will PDF the complete article for the library but this little definition made me laugh.