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Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Mar-01 Thu, 12:58
Aloha All,

On Monday Night for the 2nd time in 10 years, for the class, I will work a Blind Target for the record. The Target Committee Chair "Jared" along with at least one Targeteer selected and put this target together. I am not working this target to demonstrate working the target for the targets sake. I am working this target because it is part of a greater design to facilitate an exercise in Entrainment across time. We have discussed for quite some time about whether or not it is possible to move information to the past using Remote Viewing as the access vehicle. Jared the TC, or Dick the VP, can elect to publish my work after it is completed but the feedback cannot be published until after St. Patrick's Day (March 17).

The last time I worked a live target I required about a dozen guild members to record my session as I put it up on the big whiteboard. This was to illustrate just how fast one needed to work to successfully record enough core truth about the target. On this occasion I will not require that others replicate my session. I do want you to take notes however because the video record may not be available until Dick gets it onto DVD. There will be things you may want to collaterally research that arise in the session. In this session I will tell you everything that I know in and out of the method structure. Some things may not make a great deal of sense to you without access to the feedback but in the post session environment the analysts can sort it all out. During the session itself, if you are present, remember no speaking or interruptions of any type and certainly no cell phones. Dick you can give me instructions as needed to facilitate your video recording of the event.

If you are present do not make your own recording of the event. Dick will have the sole official video record and Guild members desiring a copy please see him or if you are in the Guild off-island email Dick to obtain a copy. A copy will be placed in the library as well.

Monday will begin as we always have with a short period for socializing and when Dick is ready we will begin. Plan on this session to go for at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours.


Dick Allgire
2007-Mar-01 Thu, 21:12

I am going to bring what is called a Videssence "soft light." The room at HRVG HQ is a bit dark. This light is not bright, but brings the lux level up just enough to make a good video recording. It is a soft and natural light, not harsh at all.

I'm bringing two cameras. An older Digital 8 handicam and a very good 3 CCD mini DV cam (I use this for on air broadcast at KITV.) One camera will be wide angle, and the other will get closeups. Glenn, you can work the session, the recording will not intrude or interrupt at all.

Several people in the guild know what the target is. Jared alone acted as targeteer. Glenn is blind to the target. The target is in a sealed envelope in the custody of Ann. I have no doubt Glenn will describe the target in detail. What I am interested in is this- how will it be a doorway to the past?

I hope to document this faithfully.

See you Monday.


Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Mar-01 Thu, 21:49
Thanks for the effort and the vote of confidence. While I don't plan on missing the target you never know lol. I was explaining to Sita what would happen on Monday and she asked what if you miss the target? I did my best to look indignant and stated firmly I will not miss this target so you better pay close attention. She instantly began to smile and started singing that old Carly Simon song "Your so vain, you probably think this target is about you". I laughed so hard. Rest assured I will do my absolute best so don't be surprised if is enlightening to all.


Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Mar-02 Fri, 02:19
Aloha Dick,

The possibility of a doorway to the past is indeed intriguing and the Ebba Project was the first time it was conceived as a possibility. I am not sure what was in the mind of the tasker beyond loading the target site with subconscious emotional markers but these last few years as we have experimented with Masking and Entrainment more of the puzzle has fallen into place about certain properties of consciousness. We find that randomness is not really as random as we think and it is very possible that true randomness cannot possibly exist. If Entrainment causes Entanglement then the question becomes one of can Entrainment be accomplished across a barrier of time? If it can then Entanglement must surely result and the past can in fact change. The possibility of a paradox ceases to be a possibility as what happens will be what actually did happen.

The target work on "The Room" was all about markers and designating access points at a specific target. While there was no design to initiate any changes to the past the volume of the work gave me a blueprint so to speak to exploit points of possible Entrainment. It gets pretty complex from there but if you have an entrainable point then the possibility of effecting a change in the past will balance on the quality of the design and the realignment of randomness at the target.

I used the Roulette table to physically show an abstract such as "Affinity". You could actually see inert objects express a real attraction to each other and if you think about it you will realize that all the personification of affinity between the objects happened in the past. This affinity that did not exist in the past suddenly existed in the past. It could not have manifested without the aid of a very sympathetic and pliable state of randomness.

It all tumbles around in my brain and as I sort it out I realize that randomness has a relationship to time that resembles a plasma of sorts. Perhaps randomness is the plasma that allows time its integrity as mass moves through it.

When it all tumbles together you realize yes it could be possible to change the past or in the case here place a marker or message in the past to be observed where we are now. In reality it would have always been there but we did not make the effort to observe it until now. Confused yet? No worries it confuses me too but let's play with it a bit.


2009-Aug-01 Sat, 15:37
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