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Dick Allgire
2007-Mar-05 Mon, 23:56
I’m struggling to think of just how to describe or comment on what happened in our class tonight. I believe I have in my possession the most significant and amazing videotape in the history of remote viewing.

That’s saying a lot but I believe it’s true.

Last week a targeteer cued a target. It was put in an envelope, secured and sealed with tape- dated, and signed by 4 witnesses. The witnesses attested not to knowledge of the target, just to the sealing and dating of the envelope. The envelope was never in Glenn’s possession or in his vicinity. The targeteer had no contact with Glenn and Glenn was double blind to the target. He didn't know who cued it, and he was not physically nearby when it was cued.

Glenn was given only the target ID: S301-E9K6. Monday night he worked the target in front of the class, and I had two video cameras rolling. I captured everything on tape, and there was a lot to capture.

It is very interesting and instructional. (Understatement.)

This is part of a larger experiment and will not be released soon. The viewer has not been given feedback, although I will comment generally here on the quality of the data.

Since the target was double blind for the viewer, some members of the class have also not gotten feedback and are not really aware of whether any or all of what Glenn produced is good. The person who selected the target and the targeteer (it was double blind) were not even aware of the significance of some of the data during the session. There is quite a bit of information produced by Glenn that was not evident in the target photo, not known to the targeteer.

No feedback is being given to Glenn until later this month. I’ve done some collateral research tonight and all I can say is, this is the most significant example of remote viewing EVER, caught on tape in real time.

It will be published at a later date. In years to come people will look at the video and study it and wonder.

Glenn does not often demonstrate his skill. He wants to train viewers and allow them to demonstrate their skills. If he did this more than once every ten years it would turn into the “THE GLENN WHEATON SHOW” and he doesn’t want that. But this is something quite amazing.

What I’m concerned with right now is: 1. Securing and making backup copies of the 3 tapes. 2. Keeping the larger experiment intact. 3. Deciding how this will eventually be released. I guarantee you have never seen anything like this, with the exception of a clip featuring Dr. Richard Ireland.



2007-Mar-06 Tue, 05:33
Thank you for the comments, Dick. And when the target is revealed, I will add some information that no one else knew about regarding the prelude to target work.

I witnessed Glenn's session when he worked a target for someone from Japan who conducts research in psi phenomena and the incredulity of the man when Glenn revealed data about the target was worth the camera shot.