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2007-Mar-06 Tue, 06:09
Just posted a thread for new viewers in the program. Please go to that site for information on remote viewing issues. Look for the forum titled Training.

Take care,

2007-Mar-06 Tue, 06:12
Ooops, I meant to say look for the forum titled On Line Training, then go to Stage 1. Sorry about that.


2007-Mar-06 Tue, 19:04
Hello Everyone!

I'm am excited to be learning how to remote view here, at HRVG! :)

On to Stage 1...

I have reveiwed the page online, the material covering VISIDS and am doing the first of the two targets tomorrow. Thank you, Sita, for your time and willingness to teach me how to remote view AND...thanks to everyone here at HRVG for doing what you do!

Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Mar-07 Wed, 11:58
Aloha V-T

Welcome aboard and good luck in the training. If Sita is your guide you are in good hands. I think you will find most of us are accessible to answer questions along the way so don't be shy.