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Dick Allgire
2007-Mar-11 Sun, 22:53
Hey Glenn,

Did you ever know Green Berets Sgt. Melvin McIntyre and Major Mark Smith?
If I was a POW left behind I'd want you and those guys standing up for me.
I am of course familiar with the name Col. Robert L. Howard.

Good book: "Kiss The Boys Goodbye" by Monika Jensen-Stevenson.


Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Mar-12 Mon, 00:10
Aloha Dick,

I had the good fortune to begin my association with Col Robert L. Howard and Col Nick Rowe when I began SFQC in 81. Col Howard was the school Commandant and Col Rowe ran Survival and SEERE. As for McIntyre and Smith I do not know them personally but did review all the reports on POW's during a 6-month project initiated by the White House during the mid 80's. As I recall it was believed that MSG Lull and 22 others were taken from Cambodia into southern Laos. It gets messy after that I am afraid.

We lost Col Rowe to an assassin's bullet while we were in the Philippines but Col Howard is still going strong, retired now in Texas. I will be sure to read the book.