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2007-Mar-12 Mon, 03:30

I have been a student for about 1.5 years (under Sita's caring guidance) and am grateful to be so. Thank you for making available this forum and the HRVG RV structure.

Say, last night I emailed a couple of sessions to both Glenn and Dick (copy Sita) because I was not sure who the targeteer was. Were these received?

If so, would it be possible to get feedback?

Thank you....

Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Mar-12 Mon, 07:51
Aloha E.T.,

Your sessions were received just fine. I will check with Jared to find out the originator of your target and have them get back to you. You are more than welcome to copy me on any work you have completed. I just hope we get the feedback to you before Sita sees this or we might all be in dutch.