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Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Mar-21 Wed, 11:49
Aloha All,

Monday night's class was very interesting. Not only did I get feedback on the target I worked for the class but also we were able to see the DVD Dick made of the event. The collateral research on the target still continues to determine the quality of the session. Thanks Dick for recording the event and putting in all the work


Dick Allgire
2007-Mar-21 Wed, 21:22
Hello Glenn,

I have bigger things in mind. We need analysis on the current project (3 target cues plus subcues tasked so far) by the Targeteer.

I'm thinking perhaps you do analysis on this, on camera -with running commentary- and I will video tape the process and make an instructional video presentation out of it.

Think about it. :-)

This would be a real pain in the butt to edit because I would have to create and insert- I don't know- maybe a couple hundred individual graphics? But I'll do it.

By the way, your balloon festival was a lot more than just a balloon festival. Were those fuel tanks really there?