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Dick Allgire
2007-Mar-29 Thu, 14:56
On Monday March 5, Glenn Wheaton conducted a demonstration remote viewing session at HRVG headquarters in Kaneohe. He was given a blind validation target and worked it on a dry erase “white board” in front of the class, and on video tape.

The target was a balloon festival held in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1978. The target photo came from an old magazine. In the session Glenn perfectly and in great detail sketched and described the balloons, everything about the event, the people, and the surrounding land. He told us what the temperature was, how high the mountains were, what the people were wearing, etc. etc. The session lasted about 70 minutes and was packed with specific details.

During the session Glenn also identified a person of interest who was at the event in 1978. Glenn drew the person, told us his name, his wife’s name, what he did for a living, all about his hobbies, his likes and dislikes, etc. etc. This information was unknown to the taskers.

For the past several weeks I’ve been trying to find this person. When this target was given to Glenn the taskers knew nothing about this individual. (His name was on a by-line in an old magazine that had the target photo which was used.)

I used some “find who you’re looking for” subscription websites that we use as research tools in the newsroom where I work. I found a phone number but it was out of service. I sent emails to websites where the person had some things published. No luck. I thought maybe I wouldn’t be able to contact the person. Then I remembered Glenn stating something during his session, and went back and reviewed the video tape. On the tape I heard Glenn saying –almost as an aside- “we’re an org- he’s an org.” Meaning Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild is a nonprofit organization with the org designation on our web address. (www.hrvg.org) From information Glenn provided in his session about this individual’s businesses and hobbies, I managed to find a .org address and wrote to that website asking if they knew of this person.

I got an email back from the guy and he provided a cell phone number and told me to call.

Today I spent a half an hour on the phone with the person I had known only from Glenn’s session work.

It was an interesting conversation and I had rehearsed it a bit in my mind before I dialed the phone. I couldn’t just call this guy up and say “Hi, you don’t know me, but we remote viewed you.”

I identified myself and asked if he had a few minutes to talk. His voice and accent matched Glenn’s description exactly. I felt like I knew him. He had never heard of remote viewing. I gave him a quick and dirty 3 minute description of remote viewing, how ABC News had broken the story of the government’s admission on Nightline in 1995.

Then I told him someone had worked a target, and I told him the target was the 1978 balloon fiesta that had been published in a magazine in 1979. He had written the article.

I could hear a tone of “Oh, now I get it” in his voice.

I told him that a remote viewer had perfectly described the event, after being given only a blind target ID. He was interested, but now I had to get to the point.

“This was not really ethical on our part,” I said. “We generally don’t do this, and none of it will be made public without your permission… but uh, some of the information that came up in the session was about you.”

“Oh, I’d love to see it!” he exclaimed. Perfect.

On the video in the session Glenn details a lot of personal and specific information about the man. This is not cold reading ”someone or something with the letter P is important to this person” kind of hokum. Glenn stated a lot of really exacting stuff that can be verified or not- where the guy lives, what his wife’s name is, the name of a government agency he was associated with, what he does for a hobby, what specific skills he has, his facial hair, and Glenn sketched him EXACTLY.

I recounted some of Glenn’s data and the man confirmed the major points and said he would love to see the video. And he made this offer. He is going to watch the DVD of Glenn’s session, and have a video camera rolling to record his reaction.

I’m preparing the DVD to mail to him ASAP. Feedback is underway.



2007-Mar-30 Fri, 13:16
Wow, nice detective work...

This will be too much fun. Can't wait to see that video.

2007-Mar-30 Fri, 17:02
Great post Dick!

Glenn always leaves everyone in awe when he remote views. I was glad to have had the chance to see him do some RVing up close, he makes it look too easy.

I also think he RVed me, somewhat like the man in your post. I say this because he threw a few questions my way, in a very subtle manner when I met him, and he zeroed in on a hobby I had at the time, and I never told anyone at the HRVG about it. So I can attest to your post and say it's got to be 100% accurate, just in case anybody was wondering.


2007-Apr-01 Sun, 00:41
Do you or anyone think that such rich feedback adds to the strength of the signal-line? Great research. And top of the line viewing.

Dick Allgire
2007-Apr-01 Sun, 20:01
Do you or anyone think that such rich feedback adds to the strength of the signal-line? Great research. And top of the line viewing.

Hello Fortune,

Feedback is very important because it teaches the communication pathway between the sub and primary awareness by reinforcing the "feel" and the even the visual presentation (by the sub) of correct data.

So a viewer learning the skill needs constant and I believe immediate feedback for training. Feedback can help the next session, and the next session after that, if you learn from it. Feedback helps train the skill, but it does not allow the skill.

After Glenn had worked the target and his work was complete I found some of the feedback and shared it with him. He said to me with a chuckle, "Well, I haven't had the feedback monkey for a long, long time."

I don't believe (as do some in the RV community) that the feedback is the loop that allows RV to occur. I have worked, and a few in the guild have worked, plenty of sessions for Glenn over the years- some locked away in his safe- for which we have never been given feedback. Is my session better or worse for that? I don't think so. Is it affected by my seeing the feedback? I don't think so. The signal line was the signal line. The data is the data. I remote viewed the target, not the feedback.

If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound if no one is there to hear it? Of course it does. The crashing tree does create sound waves, whether or not some human is there to have those waves vibrate the eardrums. Likewise with remote viewing.



2007-Dec-07 Fri, 11:43
I know I'm new - and this is an older post, but whatever happened here?
What a great story!

Did the man flip out when he saw the DVD? :)