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Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Apr-03 Tue, 00:27
Aloha All,

Monday night' class was all about standard practices in dealing with projects and specific responsibilities in maintaining chain of custody for target data. The Target Committee is responsible for the oversight of how we manage targets and data. For the collected data to meet the criteria for science certain issues of protocol must be observed. Separation of jobs (Tasker, Targeteer, Mission Manager, Monitor, Viewer, Analyst) is essential in the promotion of qualified protocol. Be alert to how we conduct viewing operations and remember if you follow the prescribed protocol you will be fine.


2007-Apr-04 Wed, 21:27
I was replying to this in my question about ther functions of tasker and gtasketeer.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Apr-08 Sun, 02:04
Aloha Fortune,

One of the interesting facts about Remote Viewing is the need for at least a small group to facilitate the different tasks that need to be performed. The tasker actually has the fewest responsibilities. They are merely responsible for picking the target. Simple enough. We do have a set of ethical guidelines we follow when selecting targets and once the targeteer receives the tasking it is his responsibility to ensure that the target itself is qualified by our list of ethical concerns. For training we have found it convenient to allow our Targeteers to function as taskers in the absence of an outside tasker. Now we like our viewers to work in groups of four (4). This allows for one person to be designated as the Mission Manager, one person to be designated as the Analyst, one person to be designated as the monitor, and finally one person to be the designated Viewer. So if you have been counting, that's six (6) people so far involved with the single target. Only the Tasker and Targeteer know what the target is until feedback is published.

Targeteers primarily determine if the target meets our ethical criteria, determines the best way to task it to the viewer so the Taskers' need for data can be satisfied, and then runs it through a targeteering sequence to determine the Target Cue and the Target ID. As with most things everyone keeps records of the actions and the schedule of events which become part of the record for that target.