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Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Apr-03 Tue, 00:34
Aloha All,

Next Monday's class will be a review of Targeteering practices and will include all instructional material to meet the requirement for completion of Targeteer training. So if your not rated as a targeteer please be present and get this training out of the way. Targeteers do get to feed the target pool :).


Dick Allgire
2007-Apr-03 Tue, 22:24
Tasking a target can be just about as good a rush as viewing. When you cue an interesting target it is your own little secret. You put the envelope in your hidden drawer or safe, and put the target ID out to the world, like casting a net in the ocean. When viewers submit stunning data can be quite a thrill. When you see the end result put through analysis it can also be quite satisfying.

Knowing the proper way to cue a target helps the viewers. Don't take short cuts.



2007-Apr-04 Wed, 21:24
Tasking targets for others can be alot of good clean fun and it takes more to chose and task a target than many are willing to put into it Hrvg is about the only site, except Lyn Bs that i look to do when i want to view. I have never had the inclination to "view the feedback" - thats like eating a picture of food instead of going to taste the real thing, like making out with a photo...(i out grew that at 12). When i was asked to join a arv mutual fund group, i agreed only under the condition that i "go to" rather than view the photo or view the feedback as Marty suggested.I said i felt extended vioewing the feedback photo might tend to F-up ones regular rv and was boring and likely an insult to the "sub" to ask it to view picture of a duck, teapot wagon wheel or a beach ball . Marty felt i think that viewing tthe feedback or photo was the way it had always been done so thats what works. i told him that the group had more or less drafted me to join the group because the liked my viewing not for my charm or redhair so if i couldnt view as well or better than those viewing fb with tasking myself or him incvluding the focus Go to the target view and record aspects that make it easy for the judge to chose the feedback picture seren tomorrow" - or i'd quit Even doing that at 2 yrs in the group i was burnt out on ARV, even if describing right picture - it certainly wasnt any fun. i enjoyed doing the analysis/judghing more than arv. at the end i might have enjoyed eating bumble bees as much however since we were going through the same taget pool AGAIN. I think that viewing needs to be an enjoyable process, fun exciting and challenging to really do it well and want to keep viewing - not just a reward after rthe fact like financial benifit. Money is as as good or bad as the person and what they do to get it and how they use it I do psi for money and feel that its not corrupted by getting paid and can still be work for the highest good and spirit.

I am very glad however for the generosity of you'all in not charging an arnm and leg for instruction. I'm hoping i can learn and get the hang of your method. I want to make sure i understand how you use different terms (one thing i learned to do learning different rvs like crv, tdrv (prus)erv and arv)

So when you mentioned tasker and targeteer are these always going to be different people for a target.? And im not sure i understand how they are different. I'm thinking operationally the tasker being person who wants the information,and then the targeteeer would be the person setting up the focus and cue questions and assigning coords? Any articles or reading material youi could pomt me towards?