View Full Version : Don't have time to RV? Here's your solution...

2007-Apr-06 Fri, 19:37
Don't have time to complete a full RV session, yet you don't want your RV skills to slip?

No worries, your trusted and loyal targeteer comes to your rescue.

To give you more control of your remote viewing training I've began to segment the targets at http://psitargets.net .

As always expect anything... ANYTHING! However, you'll find the target pool segmented into 3 major groups.

1) Intermediate / advanced targets. These could be anything and deserve a full session.
2) Targets that favor visual ideogram development. These will have strong gestalts.
3) Targets that favor spontaneous ideogram development. These will encompass a broad range of environments and conditions.

If you don't have time to do a full session don't let your RV skill slip. Instead take 10 minutes and practice your viseds/sponeds.