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Dick Allgire
2007-Apr-23 Mon, 22:22
Monday's Class Notes

We walked into class tonight and this was written on the board:

“The method of reception works the same for transmission.”

And this was our task for the night. Glenn showed us a tray with 3 little decorative boxes, the kind a woman would put little things in. One was tan, one brown, one black.

They were surrounded by many poker chips with four colors; red, blue, green, and black.

Glenn said, “I took the tray, walked 5 steps into the other room, set the boxes and chips down. I walked around the table and I selected a chip and put it in a box.”

He told us that the chip inside the box had not been observed yet. He stated, “Until it has been seen, it hasn’t happened.” Our task was to determine which chip was in what box. I say DETERMINE because that is the best word I can come up with the describe the task. (Dictionary definition of this word: to settle or decide by choice of alternatives or possibilities) We were to determine which chip would be in which box. How we would determine this would be up to us.

We could either make it happen, allow it to happen, or watch it happen.

Glenn will no doubt post more about this. I’m just setting this up. The Law of Reciprocity- if something can receive then it can send. The action of selecting one of four different colors of chips and putting it into one of three boxes, an act that- until it is observed- can be made to happen, allowed to happen, or be seen happening.

There is a lot to wrap your mind around.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Apr-24 Tue, 01:39
Aloha Dick,

I think you understand fairly well, just let the concepts roll around the old brain for a few days and we will talk again about it. Reciprocity must have a perspective when dealing with the concepts we explored tonight. While an unknown concept within the RV community it is part of the basic way of things in our universe. In Remote viewing we understand that information moves and we are the recipient. Reciprocity allows that the design of that which receives also has the capability to send. This is more than likely the reason that "The Observers Effect" is detectable and can be measured (somewhat).

As we look at the puzzle of the boxes and chips there are a vast number of possible outcomes. Outcomes are the results of the variables that do not culminate until observation. Outcomes are a bit like the ascension of mathematics that are tabulated. Don't be confused and suspect that we are contriving to influence because we are not. If we say that an outcome is really the sum of the variables we know that any outcome must be the sequential evolution of the algorithm within time. But what if we attempt to consider the "Time" of it all. Remote Viewing allows us to sidestep time and this implies the observer's effect can be thrown to the past to enter the algorithm.

The boxes become a playground of sorts to strengthen the intuitive reasoning and break the willingness to guess. To guess the outcome is what most would do because of our programmed mindset in dealing with that which is hidden from view. If you see the boxes as a shell game to be guessed you miss the possibilities of mind. Your task is to enter into the algorithm of that outcome. There are ways and we will explore them a bit. We have time.