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Dick Allgire
2007-Apr-30 Mon, 21:52
I’ll explain what happened in class tonight. Debra walked in and Glenn pointed her to a tray full of poker chips surrounding three small boxes. He instructed her to (after he had left the room) pick one of 80 chips (either red, blue, green, or black) and place the chip in one of 3 different ornamental boxes. The boxes are (tan- number 1, black- number 2, and brown- number 3.).

So Debra had a lot possible choices:

• A red chip in box number one,
• A blue chip in box number one.
• A green chip in box number one.
• A black chip in box number one.
• A red chip in box number two.
• A blue chip in box number two.
• A green chip in box number two.
• A black chip in box number two.
• A red chip in box number three.
• A blue chip in box number three.
• A green chip in box number three.
• A black chip in box number three.

She selected a chip and put it in a box, with no one observing. (No one physically at that moment.)

After Debra selected a chip and placed it in the box no one touched the tray, the chips, or the boxes as students arrived for class. The class assembled and Glenn brought in the tray full of chips and set it front of us. He picked up box number one. He opened it and revealed a blue chip.

He instructed Debra to go lift up the carpet in the front room, where she found a sealed, signed envelope. Inside was a paper that stated:
“Debra. Box #1 Blue.”

Parlor trick, or “not normal” thinking? We’ll let Glenn explain this as he posts later. His message tonight was "Stop thinking normally." In other words, don't guess- know, or view the past, or view the future, or cause it to happen, but don't guess.



Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-May-01 Tue, 21:00
Aloha Dick,

Suspension of the guess is a lot harder than most people would think. The puzzle of the chips and boxes lets you confront what you actually think at the time the puzzle is presented. What am I actually asking you to do? Be psychic? The answer to that is a resounding No!

When Debra picked a colored chip and then selected the box to put it in began a series of possibilities for those who would be asked to solve her puzzle. The most obvious response would be to guess which color and which box. The impulse to guess must be stopped cold. A guess attempts to jump to the solution with literally no intellect or mental management. What you will guess will be influenced by more factors unrelated to the actual solution than you can imagine. While guessing because of the odds may lead to a correct solution within the scale of chance, it is our intention to be correct the first time.

How is this related to Remote Viewing and why is this important? The last several years as we have played with Entrainment and Masking we have seen the malleability of not only environments, but randomness as well. The Entrainments that I have shown you with the chips and roulette were to show you how one can move within the environment and cause the invisible to be come visible. We saw this with Affinity. In the Affinity demonstration you must understand that what was done was done in the past and we were able to observe it in the now. Now this was a generic or artificial affinity because the objects observed were inert and lacked consciousness. A state of attraction was created in the past that did not materialize until we observed it. This means the actions taken did not perish with the passing of time. For those two (2) inert objects the attraction once created traveled backwards down the timeline and forward into the future and will continue unless it is stopped. It is such a small effort for such a large result.

When the class formed I stated simply that tonight there was an Entrainment demonstration. I wanted you to see me solve a free will set of choices by Debra with the chips and boxes. While not a complex entrainment I wanted you also to understand there is more than one (1) or two (2) or a dozen ways to solve it and be correct the first time. None of the solutions require that we resort to the "Guess". In the early afternoon before class I designed the entrainment by carefully assembling all the components. We must also realize that none of the Entrainment design would rob from Debra the exercise of her free will.

When we think of what's to be done to solve her puzzle the possibilities are endless. You are only limited by your own mentality and intellect. I will tell you what I decided to do to solve the puzzle. In those moments in the early afternoon I opted to entrain two (2) streams of affinity. One (1) stream to the 20 blue chips on the tray and one (1) stream to the interior of box number one (1). In lieu of any other attractions the Affinity was free meaning there was no affinity linking the blue chips to the interior of box number one (1). This means that when Debra began her puzzle selection that there were two (2) elements of the puzzle that had free Affinity associations. At the time of selection by Debra the state of randomness would be affected by Affinity much like we saw with the Pawns and Roulette. Now the next step is a bit complex so hang with me while I try and explain it. I was concerned about the noise in the class with all the folks present and wanted to be certain that the Blue chip Box 1 solution would materialize. What I designed then was a way for Debra from the future to leave a memory that she would encounter when she approached the puzzle. This I will have to show you and explain in class because it is simply too complex to elaborate on here. Not a memory of mind but a memory of environment.

Where does power flow from? It is everywhere and we certainly cannot start or stop it. We must learn to flow within it. When we Remote View it too is a puzzle and we must solve it with an interactive intellect. In the puzzle we see the solution was only hidden from our eyes but not our intellect, in the Remote Viewing target there is no difference. We have a solid methodology to approach the target now let's redefine our intellect to solve it.


2007-May-05 Sat, 18:37
Aloha All.
I don’t generally think “normally”. Ask my friends. But I just can’t keep my mouth shut about this one. But before I get ahead of myself I should introduce and otherwise display in some fashion that I am not… unknowing about how the way of things and how they move in the world.
I admit to being a bit distracted with other goals that I didn’t find CRV until recently, a year ago or so, so I am new to its protocols. But its concept I understand from my own growth and “metaphysical” pursuits. Currently I’ve still trying to make a dent in Moorehouse’s home study program. My biggest evil there is making time to do sessions but another trouble I’ve got is finding parallels in the nature of my inner way of working to work a target that I would call external and thus part of that which I have always left alone. I never thought that I would use my inner way of navigating to expose external data, such as the product the protocol of CRV uncovers. I guess it is the newest thing to me (and thus the hardest to get over) the extent that the external world is subject to… movements… most metaphysic-folks think of as internal.
One of my newer goals has been to locate a peer group, which is kind of difficult. (Try telling the average 28 year old about the chips/box thing and you’ll understand what I mean.) I moved to Hawaii about six years ago, from Michigan. I’ve felt the need for a larger social life and I begun to look for peers. Thankfully, I've found a few (besides you folks) and new ways of seeing what I know, and I am inclined to continue in this direction.

That is how I found this website. There are parallels that were occurring in my life at the time I got the site. They are somewhat curious. The parallels present when I got my first good look at this bulletin board were these.

Nemo’s mention of the possibility of using RV to pick up interesting chicks, the discussion of NLP in same post, and the pool story after that. In fact the general banter on that day was enough to ensure that I would listen. But then Dick Allgire’s name was there. And a few other posts I browsed added to the excitement of this find. One being when Fortune commented that you folks had a pulse (which is true), and a few things said, if not just to tone that Glenn spoke with, cinched the deal.

Why were these things so neat to me?

First, my best friend is studying “pick-up”, as in to pick up women. (don’t be alarmed. True and class act “pick-up” gurus focus on personal growth out of patterns of behavior and ways of thinking which do not promote positive self image and self esteem; the number one factor of success in any relationship. Watching a dvd-workshop by David DeAngelo I thought he was one of the best non-metaphysical, made for the general public, inner development advocates I’d ever seen. My point…) We had been talking, not an hour before, about the ethics involved in using NLP in pick-up. So when I saw the chicks joke and the subsequent conversation on NLP I knew the universe was telling me to pay close attention. ("bootleg dvd on the loose" post)
Second, I noticed the name Dick Allgire. I had, just a few minutes prior, been reading my newsletter from the Hawaii Vegetarian Society. I grabbed the paper and scanned it and sure enough his name was mentioned in an event article concerning some vegan recipes from Mrs. Hawaii International.

The universe does not play tricks on me. I began to read though posts as fast as I could. In a few days I was all set and registered so I could post on here and get in on some of this sharing action. Then I sat down and attempted to make heads or tails of what the heck it was I wanted to say… and haven’t said anything. Only mulling over my thoughts and reckoning my over eagerness for a month now. Words are not my friends, which is why I use a lot of them.

AND THEN I SEE THE POST(S) ABOUT THE CHIPS IN THE BOX (April 24 - Deeper and Deeper & April 30 - stop thinking normally) and I think, geez, is this an example of classes they give for learning RV? My next thought was: If I could take the resident course, what the heck would I tell my boss if I had to get outta work to make it to class?

How can I not have anything to say to that? I mean aside from wow, and where the heck did that come from, and how come it takes so long for this kind of stuff to materialize for me? And when, if at all, are you gonna tell us more? Sorry, my eagerness got away from me again. Don’t mind me, I do that. In fact most of those questions I know the answer to. (Grin)

So is this a tempting morsel the resident type RV class gets to assist training or is it some other class going on getting the goods?
Other things I'm studying parallel these kinds of ideas, but not in so many words.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-May-06 Sun, 01:04
Aloha Elizabeth,

Welcome to our forum and thank you for your comments.

With most instructional curriculums there is a finite end to course of study. I think most Remote Viewing instructors kinda bank on that so that they can teach many basic training classes and move old students off their table to make room for the new beginner class. It is unfortunately the way of business. Hrvg is not a business it is a Guild. We understand that once a student learns the methodology the next priority is the actual development of the viewer. To merely posses the knowledge does not imply ability.

Remote Viewer development does take time and it is easier when you can gather frequently to work together. Remote Viewing does change how you think about what reality actually is. We begin to see the synchronous nature of some components of our reality. We carefully try to approach an understanding of just what connections we perceive and devise ways to make them visible. Hopefully it all brings us closer to understanding just what the reality of Remote Viewing is.