View Full Version : Absolutely incredible!!!

2007-May-01 Tue, 03:14
I clicked on "Harry Warnke Remains / Present Time / Current Location"
G9H1-R8M9 and looked at the entire session. Amazing. This appears to be one of the best sessions I have seen. While there have been MANY excellent sessions, this one MUST be at the top of the list.

I wonder if it is permissible for Glenn or Dick to talk about this session now.

And who is the viewer: Anne? Is this person located in the islands or the mainland? Would be interested in hearing more from her. GREAT JOB whoever you are!!!!!!!!!!!

ALSO I have a question for Glenn: I tried to send a private message to Sita and another person at HRVG but have no indication if they ever got it. I wonder how many people know that you CAN send private e-mails on HRVG. I didn't know until I got one from Jared a few months back. DOes anyone even check?


2007-May-01 Tue, 06:42
Sorry Glenn. I said I had recieved a private message from Jared. I intended to say J.P.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-May-01 Tue, 08:28
Sita is still in the mainland where she has been attending her graduation from the Army Staff College. She is spending a few days with family and attending a funeral service for a deceased relative in Texas. She will be back in the islands soon and back to her emails and students. Anne is here in the islands and yes we agree her work on the target was very good. She is a very dedicated viewer and her development is a work in progress. She is a teacher in real life and enjoys learning RV. I expect great things from her.