View Full Version : Finally heard from Derek!!!!!

2007-May-23 Wed, 18:47
Derek called today from Fort Bragg, North Carolina,a new member of the 82nd Airbourne Division. He has completed his basic training and also is trained as a "Rigger" (packing parachutes for cargo drops, etc.). Congratulations, Derek!!!!
He sounded great and is looking forward to some new adventures and opportunities in the military. He continues to RV when he can and sends his best wishes to us all. A new email address is forthcoming.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-May-23 Wed, 20:04
Aloha Debra,

I am floored. Derek ran off to join the Army, went to boot camp, went to Airborne school, went to Rigger's school, and is now packing chutes in the 82nd Airborne Division? I am impressed to say the least. Sure wish I could have been there when they opened the door on the aircraft and tried to toss him out that 1st time lol. What a great accomplishment for Derek. Let's see if we can get pictures lol. Congratulations Derek !!

This is no small accomplishment.