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Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-May-28 Mon, 11:19
Aloha All,

Memorial Day is certainly a day to remember the long line of those that have served our nation. In my life I was a Marine and a Soldier and in those long years there are many who are no longer here to remember me, as I remember them. On this day or any day remember them. Remember them all.

America today is at War, with our sons and daughters serving in far off lands. Do not let politics cloud what we have done. We as a Nation, as America, have committed to armed action in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was not the Democrats that sent them, and it was not the Republicans that sent them....it was America.

If we betray them we betray them all, every one of them, from the revolution to this very day. Too many have remembered to be a Democrat or a Republican, and have forgotten to be an American. If you are going to fight then fight, if not then they all stay home, but it is not a decision that they make. They serve America and always have.

Give every Son and Daughter we have sent in harms way everything they need to live through this day and return to their families.