View Full Version : Erminmink - Yamantau

2007-Jun-23 Sat, 19:27

This link may have been posted here in the past. I came across the site over the weekend and thought some people may find the article interesting given our previous project on the Yamantau Mountains.

2007-Jun-26 Tue, 05:33
Somehow the Courier font seems to be a popular choice for reports on the Yamantau Mt...LOL!


Jim K.

Dick Allgire
2007-Jun-26 Tue, 12:08
Hey Jim,

Did I send you a DVD of Glenn working the Balloon Fiesta target?
He did a target in class and I videotaped the entire session. It is quite amazing.
Email me your postal addess.


Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Jun-26 Tue, 15:10
Good to see you again Jim, that mountain project is a classic effort now as it was then. Awesome job.