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Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Jun-25 Mon, 11:37
Aloha All,

Well tonight is Movie Night as Dick has popped the vault and is bringing the video of Skip Atwater's presentation @hrvg.

Tonight's puzzle is Chips and Boxes.
There are a total of 80 Chips
There are a total of 3 Boxes
There are a total of Four (4) possible Chip colors...
Red Green Blue Black

Two (2) Chips were selected in a random process and placed in no more than Two (2) Boxes chosen in a random process.

Do not guess, but rather solve this puzzle using Entrainment.


Dick Allgire
2007-Jun-25 Mon, 20:50
Red and Blue, both in Number 2.

No guts, no glory.


2007-Jul-06 Fri, 22:14
many a true word spoken in jest!