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2007-Jun-27 Wed, 04:32
Crater could solve Siberian meteor mystery
Researchers measured seismic waves at the bottom of Lake Cheko

Crater could solve 1908 meteor mystery
In late June of 1908, a fireball exploded above the remote Russian forests of Tunguska, Siberia, flattening more than 800 square miles of trees. Researchers think a meteor was responsible for the devastation, but neither its fragments nor any impact craters have been discovered. FULL STORY
www-th.bo.infn.it/tunguska / UniMore stories


Dick Allgire
2007-Jun-27 Wed, 21:19
Of all the targets I've worked I remember one that really stands out as an experiential session that had a great impact (excuse the pun) on me.

Jim K gave me a target back in the day. I remember working it. Every time I went to blackboard I got a great visual of a flaming rock. Every time I looked I just saw this fiery rock moving with great speed. It sort of irritated me. I made myself look for something else and saw LAND 1 which was a wide swath of something mowed down.

The session is published if you go to the button on your left here at HRVG and click on SESSIONS, then click on "Special Out Of Class" and scroll down to Explosion Event / Tunguska / Siberia / June 30 1908.

It was one of the most vivid remote viewing sessions I have ever done. It is something I will always remember. A very strong visual image of a big streaking flaming rock.



2007-Jun-29 Fri, 04:50
by going to www.msnbc.msn.com/19436962/
you should be able to read the full artical. By clicking on the "blue" links throughouot the artical you will see some interesting sonar images.
Interesting Session you did Dick.