View Full Version : HRVG Party!!!

Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Jul-19 Thu, 12:02
Aloha All,

Hrvg Party on Saturday at or about 2pm at the Guild HQ in Kaneohe. Courtney (Sgt Wheaton) is in the Islands and home from Afghanistan and it's been just too long since her last Guild Party. All HRVG members past and present here in the Islands are cordially invited. It's going to be potluck, but there is a bright green bottle of absinthe that I will add to the beverages list. This is the good stuff :)

For entertainment there will be music and if anyone is up to take the Roulette challenge I am sure we can video that for another "Lost HRVG Video". We will also make time for a short board meeting to discuss our contribution to the IRVA raffle at the upcoming conference. Got questions? Give me an email or call.


Dick Allgire
2007-Jul-19 Thu, 15:24
Also on the agenda,

Debra, Jason and I need to conspire to select a target from the pool for Glenn's next video demonstration.

See you all there.


2007-Jul-22 Sun, 17:45
Thanks for hosting a fun party with scrumptious food! It was great to see Courtney and she looks fabulous (Hint, hint, guys...she's single). Also, what were those strange green faeries floating around??

Next party at my house.


Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Jul-23 Mon, 09:23
It was a very enjoyable evening with the best company one could hope to share, that being some of the best Remote Viewers in the world today. I was truly amazed when Dick cracked out his travel stove and whipped up a Seafood Pasta that was excellent. Most don't know it but Dick had to head in to play later that evening with a Blues Band down in Honolulu. A video of that was made and can be seen on youtube (links to follow). Thanks to James for running the grill and Sita and Debra for literally everything else. It was a fine evening and Courtney enjoyed seeing you all again after being gone from the islands for 2 years. Just a reminder take the night off tonight and we will gather again in a week.