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Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Aug-05 Sun, 02:20
Aloha All,

One of the interesting possibilities regarding Remote Viewing is its' potential for augmentation. While science is still a bit in the dark about the mind and how Remote Viewing functions, there are a few things that we do know. By we, I am referring to those of us who work in RF technologies with transmissions, broadcast, and collection systems. Remote Viewing is an anomaly of propagation. If Remote Viewing is real (and I believe that it is) and it is done in this Universe then it can only occur as the result of propagation, however exotic, above or below the quantum.

The remote Viewing activity is also considered to be a localized effort that has its' origin in fields and matter associated with the live human brain. The brain is the foundation for the mental processes that create and maintain our functionality as a blend of life and consciousness. Given we know a bit about the platform from which Remote Viewing functions we should be able to design and construct various methods to augment the process. While visions of tinfoil hats may come to mind what I am talking about is a bit more exotic and more functional. In regards to physical augmentation we are primarily considering arrays of nano-coils housed in a cap or covering for use by a Viewer.

One of the interesting considerations is that it may be possible to electro-magnetically enlarge the brain using arrays of nano-coils that could mimic brain storage space and activity centers. Much like your thumb drive gives your computer a bit of a storage boost nano-coil arrays could be designed to function as a sort of wireless expansion that your brain could detect and begin to use. Penetration of the skull would not be required as the fields in and outside of the brain could be gated even with a passive array of coils.

So imagine a cap housing various arrays of very special micro (nano) coils that expand the normal field generated by brain. Initially the brain would receive the effects of an increase in electro-magnetic gain. Synaptic activity would clean up as the noise floor drops and cognitive processes became just a bit sharper, clearer.

Now let's discuss the coils themselves for a bit. Do not think of coils in the conventional sense of the word but think of a small flat coil that could fit on the head of a pin but could actually consist of 5 miles of nano-fiber wrapped or coiled in a design in which the coil could be activated in a convex, concave, or flat modality. In an active array any coil could be electrically shortened or lengthened to accommodate frequency requirements to function as a driver, collector, reflector, or load. Interesting even more about coils are the fields that form between them in an active and passive array. This is what may make it possible for the brain to detect the potential for expansion and begin to use the array on its' own. It's a bit like walking into your bedroom and finding a closet you never knew was there and you begin to use it. Coils could be designed to concave towards magnetite particles in the brain and adjust so that the focal point of their parabola was at the particle itself and you just made a doorway to the inner brain and its' functions, on a scale while invasive, would mimic brain activity and not intrusive RF. What you have done is given the brain a synaptic possibility. Monitoring of the coil would let you know when the brain began to use this new pathway. Proximity coils could be moved into place to allow field activity to spread or illuminate.

Other parts of the array could be used to load and stabilize any frequency range you desired (Hyper-Beta, Alpha, etc). Entrainment of specific areas of the brain to theta major signatures would easily be possible with almost undetectable amounts of EMF pulsed to mimic synapse firing emulating theta. Live tissue and EMF activity would begin to entrain with a nudge from such a system.

The brain will over time learn to expand to extensions of EMF potentials within close proximity (Passive) and respond to emulated EMF brain like potentials (Active).

So let's say Dr. X hands you a cap with a small ribbon cable hooked to a computer and then you put it on and as you lean back in you chair he tells you, "I want you to sleep a bit before you view this target. You say ok and in just a few seconds with the aid of the computer and the cap you are fast asleep. He may even let you sleep while you view the target only activating the parts of the brain he wants, or runs familiarity subroutines to bio-feedback your acceptance of the augmentation, or better yet use the cap to capture the data off the optic nerve and see what you see in your dreams or travels to the remote target.

In summary it is theoretically possible to design an augmenting cap that could enhance thought potentials. Overall brainwave signatures could be optimized for Remote Viewing activity and in fact loaded or boosted to make you more than you were. While this is not intended to be a proof paper it is intended to make you think about the possibility of expanding potentials. When we learn to augment the Mind Wave we will learn to ride it.


2007-Aug-12 Sun, 03:38
Perhaps we learned to ride it a long time ago.
After reading your merssages on going back to the past at the target you worked and then this, no way i was going to be able to sleep. An acess door through time is a compelling interest for me. When i met you i think i related that i was expedrimenting with using that acess door to the past. That it hopefully was a two way door because i myself have been viewed, visted by myself(the personality sharing a soul with me you migght say) She said that such a method of using ones futre past selves facilitated the process. They learned to pinpoint an important event during a lifetimes timeline, this one it was man walking on the moon) and use that for what they called rving faseeing and moving thro time, farcasting.
She said one thing she wanting to do was to bring up the old knowledge they had hidden. Part of that involved - heres why my hair is standing on end and no sleep- she said it involved the use of coils, spirals to expand the scope of the mind, to be a very powerful device of sorts.That they stored and amplied information and energy in some way. They carried small ones they had personally entrained that the could hand from a string at a location and acess effect it from a distance. they refered to them as - a translation- tokens/charms. i precevied them to look rather like small coinsd During the time she lived it was deemed important for the knowledge not to fall into the wrong hands but they through farcasting had decided that this current time is the correct time for it to resuface, that it is needed. She said a number of them, druids, we currently visting their future selves and attempting to bring this information from the unconscious ito awareness. i cant help but think someone like you would be considered a shinning asset in this work.
And You know the celts were quite fond of, besides gold torcs, inscribing circles spirals coils on rocks, grin.
I'm most interested in learning more towads moving awareness thro time.i have a need to know.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Aug-14 Tue, 08:59
I think it amazing that the same information exists in many forms and sometimes before its' time. I wonder who was first to have the thoughts about time and perhaps one could move through it back to the past or forward to the future. The coil is one of those conceptual designs that have an intrinsic value across all life. Deep diving off the coast of Okinawa I ran into a Nautilus and watched as he surged past me heading deeper into the blue water. His only protection was the coil of his beautiful shell and when I say he was heading deep, I mean really deep. At 14.7 pounds pressure for every 33 feet of seawater where this little fellow was heading was someplace where I could not follow. The Nautilus pushing its way thousands of feet into the deep reminds me of a spiral galaxy traveling through the loneliness of deep space. Like symbology of two dramatically different vignettes of existence, but what is the information common to both as we observe them? What is the knowledge that our intellect retrieves from witness of that which we observe from the ocean's depths and the darkness of the night's sky?

Knowledge is seldom hidden, only not observed.