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Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Aug-07 Tue, 23:06
Aloha All,

Monday night's class was intended to provide you a better understanding of exactly what is possible when we discuss concepts or ideas like visiting the Past with the intent to change or alter what was. I discussed the Paradox and it's nature in regards to what would actually happen if you actually were able to affect the Past however slight. Remember that it is entirely likely that anytime you view the past you do actually change it. This is the direct result of the "Observer's Effect" and as we all know it can be slight to undetectable by either equipment or the normal senses.

The viewer visits the target in the past and the question is really what is it possible to do besides observe. The answer to that is literally not very much. Now for those that don't accept that answer I have a solution. It must be in the mind to see the pathways and interconnected nature of the target you are viewing. You must think and understand in layers of recognition. If you can collect enough information from the target you can plot a design to target specific variables using only the weight or strength of the "Observer's Effect" as your only "Active Tool".

To dispel the myth of the possible use of telepathy at the target to send a message to a person there I say this; pull out you drivers license and attempt to telepathically send it to anyone. You will fail. If Telepathy exists then 99.9 % of the people on planet Earth suck at it.

It is very important for there to be any possible degree of success at any level that you have a clear understanding of what it is that you can do and discard the rest of the new age flapdoodle super powers. Your tools at target are limited and your number one edge is Intellect. Managing what your own mind does during the process is key. The data from the initial run at the target must be reviewed for possible pathways for exercising the slight weight of the "Observer's Effect". One thing to remember is that the "Observer's Effect" is detectable by test subjects who are randomly brought under observation in scientific trials. So that's it, that's your muscle at the target and two new terms for you to consider are "Finesse" and "Nuance".

Intellect allows us to consider the possibility that the Observer's Effect can be finessed a bit using it to carry or piggyback sensory content. This content I think is limited to raw emotionals. I think this is possible because of the way we ourselves react when we feel that we are under observation. Sometimes we turn to see who is looking at us and other times we turn with the tinge of fear. The signal that arrives to us can be either simplex or complex but what we interpret from the complex signal is usually our recognition of being observed and our response emotionally to the content of that look.

So our Observer's Effect can be polished a bit and if we are smart we can learn to lace it with core emotional "Intent Content". It would stand that a certain amount of rehearsal may be necessary to learn to Nuance Observation. It may take even more rehearsal to take this Observation Nuance to target with any degree of confidence. Another Nuance of Observation is Perception itself. What you perceive matters and it is the most natural of all tools to shape Observation. In my attempt to place a message in the past I used perception to piggyback my message. In this case I perceived simple symbology in an effort or hope that the target subject would perceive it as well. In this case I am not sure whether or not this was viable but it seems a possibility.

When we think about the past and what it is I am sure there are things we wish we could change if only we could. With our mind we can construct a plan to use the target and its components to exploit variables that may be affected by the slight weight of the Observer.

One thing to remember because of the Nature of Time is that anything that is changed was always just the way it happened. In fact it was never changed at all; it is just how it happened. The reality is that events actually occur over an expanse of Time. The moment you may remember may still rest in its' Time waiting to pass.


2007-Sep-17 Mon, 00:46
Oh Glenn you make my brain itch i want to grasp what you are talking about so bad, like my fingers just brushing the concepts without a complete feel of them. I wish i were able to be in your monday classes and get a better grasp hearing you speak. But maybe you are lucky i'm not i want to ask so many questions.

So what do you mean to construct a plan? Do you mean after viewing to do this then review return to the target? When you attempted to place a message were you doing another session before or after feedback? I understood you to say (i may have garbkled this) that you were looking at the rock and precieving the symbol there in target? Are you saying that our observing with intent could carry effect somehow intangled with the subjects emotional response in being viewed? Are out emotions or the subjects i guess i'm wondering a variable in such a plan? What variables can be tailored please say more.(i NEED TO KNOW this stuff, she implored!)

2007-Sep-25 Tue, 13:52
Glenn, et al,
Still in balmy Alaska. Monday's class sounded interesting. I wonder if perhaps, we should expend more effort in "observing" upcoming events since we continuously operate in segments of "now" and a few minutes of "back then or there?" It would appear that we may be able to test our abilities of observation if we chose measurable targets moving [I]forward[I] in a near future, recording the data and then reporting it.

What think you?

HRVG Forward