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Dick Allgire
2007-Aug-11 Sat, 00:07
Today my intent and the schedule for my day was to remote view at 4:30 PM Hawaii time. I planned my day around this event.

This morning I went surfing and a wave caught me wrong and tweaked my neck and shoulder in a bad way. I really had a stiff neck.

The target ID, fanfold paper, and pen were waiting for me at my desk.

At 2:30 I got a Thai massage for the pulled muscle. I considered not remote viewing, but came out of the massage feeling pretty mellow. At 4:00 PM I sat down and began working. I had selected that particular time for a reason. It was just before 13:30 Sidereal time in Hawaii.

At first Visual Ideogram I got a great visual that sucked into the target. I was in a beautiful ornate cathedral. I saw a large human form that I realized was not an actual person but a representation. I smelled incense and the age of the structure, and experienced its majesty. I named it as a cathedral by Playfair. It was quite an experiential session.

Tonight I got feedback and the target was The St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Milwaukee.

Here's the point of this post:

I worked this in a relaxed state at 13:30 Sidereal. There is evidence that Psi ability is increased 400% at this time. Here is how to find out more about Sidereal time.

Go to the HRVG Library tab at the left hand side of our page.
Click on LIBRARY. Then click on Items of Interest. Go to "LST (Local Sidereal Time) and relation to Psi effects.

There is an interesting article, worth reading. At the top of the article is a blue link to US NAVAL OBSERVATORY LST CALCULATOR. Type in the city where you are going to remote view, do the math and remote view at 13:30.

In Hawaii right now the time relates to about 4:30 PM. So afternoon remote viewing is good right now here in the islands. I'll be there with pen in hand and a clean sheet of paper tomorrow at the same time.



Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Aug-11 Sat, 01:41

My compliments, I just went through your session files on that target. If Sita was the tasker on this target I am sure she will be pleased. Still a bit of collateral to do on it but your data is excellent.

Again my Compliments.


2007-Dec-07 Fri, 11:30
How cool!

But... ugh...
That's like... 3am here in Indiana I think.

But on the upside I'll probably already be in a Theta state at that point. ;)

Neat stuff.