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Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Aug-19 Sun, 01:48
Aloha All,

In recent days my mailbox has had lots of surprises. It is always great when I get chain of custody sessions from our viewers and the recent submissions have been outstanding. I also take note that several of you are planning your work around the 13:30 LST window and the results are significant. I would caution each of you not to dwell on data that you are not pleased with within the work. From what I see the good data far outweighs the bad data and the contamination. Bad data is a reality of the mind and Remote Viewing and while we would all like perfection it may take a while longer lol. As an analyst I look at the sessions and smile because I know I can work with this quality of data. Not only can I make the case for Remote Viewing, I also have an abundance of good target data to illuminate whatever the need for knowledge is about that particular target.

Good work and motivation is contagious in any group and several of you are striving to work at ever increasing levels of performance and I compliment your efforts.

In those moments when you have good target contact, experiment a bit with ways to increase your dwell time at the target in that moment. It is more important to stay there then be pulled back, so modify your thinking at the target to keep moving nice and slow. Do not try to read what's on the walls and learn to idle a bit at the target if you can. It's ok if you don't continue to collect if you just idle a bit to extend your time in that place. It will allow the buffers to clear and you can move on a bit deeper after you have collected yourself together. In "The Room" we learned to place markers, having a place at Target to idle was part of that instruction.

Good work and compliments to all.


Dick Allgire
2007-Aug-19 Sun, 18:40
Post contains feedback HDQI-TGBE, WEAI-YCVB

We’ve always been taught you can’t read the written word in a remote viewing session. My answer was always- “I WISH I had a session with such experiential contact, with such clear visual imagery that I had to worry about looking at something and reading it!”

Yesterday I came up against that barrier. I was working a target and along about S-4 Cascade (still working with pen and paper in a sort of lazy Alpha brain state) I paused to look at Structure 1. I saw a large structure with a lot of rooms and hallways and people milling about. The visual was hazy and indistinct; blurry and fleeting. I sketched it quickly and then went to kinesthetic recall on NIMO to gain information about the structure. It was information that seemed just at the edge of my conscious awareness. It was a nagging feeling more than an epiphany. I probed NIMO recall and it was more of a slow unfolding than a phrase. (Hence the name CASCADE.)


Then I moved on to the next stage, the gateway to S-5. I put down the pen and set the paper aside and began Edging. I did the breathing exercise and came to a complete stop and looked deep into Blackboard. I saw books and had a realization that this was a place where there were books. That one came and went and I noted it.

I kicked back and started pushing Blackboard to head into S-5. The flowing ….of….granular…..blackboard…..

I was standing looking at a metallic, bronze(?) plaque. This was as clear as the computer screen in front of you as you read this. Full color, I’m there. Popping into the target in S-5 is always eerie. I wish I could control it better. There is an old plaque. It has writing on it. The texture of the raised letters and the color of the metal is more interesting than the writing. Then I focused on the letters… and tried…. to read… what looked like a language and letters that meant nothing to me.

I was no longer looking at the plaque. I was in my room at my desk, realizing I was doing a remote viewing session.

I opened my eyes and scribbled “plaque” on a paper just so I would remember this visual. (When I went back to draw the real sketch, I was clueless as to what the lettering was or what it might mean.)

I pushed Blackboard again and went back in, and saw a person in a blue uniform stepping over something, and realized someone had been killed and he was investigating it, looking for evidence.

End of session.

The target was THE TEXAS SCHOOL BOOK DEPOSITORY IN DALLAS, TEXAS. Very interesting to me, how the data manifested. It was a real good full-experiential-reality, you-are-there-and-you-can see contact for those few seconds. Remote viewing is so fascinating.