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Cheryle Hopton
2007-Sep-01 Sat, 13:56
The International Reviewing Association is pleased to announce that Dick Allgire, Vice President of the Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild, will be the Master of Ceremonies at the 2007 Remote Viewers Conference. The conference will take place October 19-21, 2007, in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Alexis Park Resort. He has also joined our speaker line-up and his presentation is titled “HRVG Methodology: An Overview.”

Dick Allgire is known for his TV News career, and has lectured internationally on remote viewing at scientific symposiums. He is also a certified remote viewing instructor that has trained students worldwide.

Cheryle Hopton
Conference Coordinator

Dick Allgire
2007-Sep-01 Sat, 23:41
I’m hard at work making graphics for my upcoming presentation at the IRVA conference in Las Vegas. I’ve presented twice at previous conferences, and I feel this will be the best one by far.

At each conference fellow HRVG viewers and I have spent many enjoyable moments in between speakers, in the hallways outside the conference rooms, showing sessions with actual remote viewing data and explaining how it was obtained.

People want to see actual remote viewing work, and they want to know how it was done and what it feels like when you do it. That’s what my presentation will be about.

I’ve been searching our 10 year archive and producing (under blind / double blind protocol) new sessions that are not the same old stuff everyone has seen before. The gantry at the Soviet sub base was great work, but we all saw that ten years ago. I think everyone wants to see some new material.

My presentation is not intended to be an instructional class that will actually teach you the HRVG method, but it will explain the theory behind it, and we will show the results that the method can produce.

Can you actually obtain visual images when you remote view? Do you know why we use that odd looking ICON with the face that has criss-crossing lines? Why is S-4 called CASCADE? How can you do alert state, fast paced structured RV and ERV in the same session? What keeps imagination out of a session?

I just spent about 10 hours working out graphics to illustrate our S-4 Cascade, and I believe it will allow the audience to understand and actually feel what happens when a viewer is on target and data begins cascading from Blackboard and from the probing of NIMO. I’m excited about this presentation.

See you in Vegas.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Sep-05 Wed, 01:39
Congratulations on being asked to MC the upcoming Remote Viewing Conference in Las Vegas. It certainly recognizes your efforts in the Remote Viewing community and your communication skills. I also look forward to your presentation on our methodology at the conference. I do not believe that there has ever been a method overview presentation at the annual conference. It seems a void especially since we all employ a methodology in our Remote Viewing work. Understanding what it is exactly that we do and how it differs from CRV based methodology may bring rise to considerable comment. Good luck and I will see you there.


2007-Sep-15 Sat, 07:53
They are lucky indeed to get Dick to MC! And And the presentation is just what i have hoped to see yall do. There's much interest in knowing more about HRVG's method amd the presentation i was able to attend at conference on location finding i found one of the best of show. It was my first intro to the guild and i took note saying to myself ..these guys got it going on!! i am going to keep my eye on them and see what i can learn. I'm sure you you will have the similar effect on many more this time.

Who ewill be traveling from hulaland to vegas this time? I would be proud to meet any and all

I'll be the redhead keeping a real low profile..goofy grin ha