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Dick Allgire
2007-Sep-30 Sun, 23:08
On Sep 30, 2007, at 10:19 PM, JS wrote:

If there is an out bounder target at this year's IRVA. Make sure I get the target ID.

thanks a lot

- Josh

My Reply:


Work the target BEFORE the conference. Here is what you can do.


Find when Sidereal TIme will be at 13:30. (I'll look this up for you, but it is probably in the morning now in Indiana.)

I successfully worked a target for a Korean TV crew several years ago-before they picked it. They came to Hawaii to interview Glenn and me. They wanted us to work a target in class. I knew it was coming, but I also knew that under pressure with TV cameras on me it would difficult to perform in class. So BEFORE THEY PICKED THE TARGET, I worked the session. And I made sure I did it at 13:30 Sidereal. I finished my session and I sealed it in a big brown envelope. When the camera crew came I gave the envelope to the producer and had them sign and time stamp, and date it. They didn't understand what was in the envelope. Then they went somewhere and took a stack of photos and picked the target. They generated a target ID and everyone worked it. I had cued my own target ID with the intent being : THIS IS THE TARGET THEY'LL GIVE US TONIGHT.

My session in class was not that great, but the session I did before the event - the work sealed in the envelope signed by the producers- nailed it.

Joe McMoneagle does this.

You can use this ID:

This stands for Outbounder Target 07 Remote Viewing Conference.
The cue is:
The location visited by outbounders that will be the target of the 2007 IRVA conference.

Quiet your mind. Don't think about Vegas. Forget Casinos, and desert. Let the protocols drive the session. Only produce data that you obtain from protocol methodolgy of looking on Blackboard and Probing.

Make a copy of your session. Put it in an envelope and date it and sign it. Mail it to me, or just email it to me and I'll sign and date it and seal it.
Keep a copy for yourself. I'll turn your work in for you.

You can work this any time before Oct.15 or 16.

Remote viewing the past is simple. Remote viewing the future is little bit harder, but really no problem. Here is the kind of thing we are working on at HRVG right now.
You could select the target yourself and if you're really good the outbounders will go to your target. That is called Entrainment.



2007-Oct-01 Mon, 03:03
Last year i did a session, ahead of time using the coords you guys supplied and got similar but visual clearer data than the session i did while at the conference. When Stephen Shwartz did a guide cooldown type instruction for those with out any previous experience i tried to tune that out as it seemed i felt i was already on signal . Like you guys mebntioned before i think even just having the coords incubating or doing a short session then fogetting about it can make it like you've downloaded data in someway and are unzipping it very quickly when doing the session again - that you have to keep a fast pace to record it .

In crv when doing stage 5 where one breaks down a chosen aspect or concept from ones previous stages, we were taught that during stage 5 one was accessing data already sorted or stored in a preconscious state, so in a sense one is asking for emanations from ones own brain rather than site contact ( as instage 1-4 and returning to that in stage 6 CRV method.)
An idea i found intriging was that one is able to build up actually, to develop through continuing rv practice "cognitrons" or neural connections that pull fragments of site raw data together into the related conceptuals needed to consciously process the information. That training and practice is like weightlifting for muscles and the neural connections in the brain need to be exercised and kept in fit shape to be the most benifits in rving. I like the thought that our brains can get more capable. (i guess stretching them doesnt hurt either.)

2007-Oct-01 Mon, 03:32
Question for Dick and Glenn (and anyone) Do you see a type of preconscious entrainment maybe the pull that entangles some sinchronistic events where there's no logically causal connections? Maybe we have more to do with what we encounter, a type of selection by entrainment but without being able to refine and direct it .

When i was doing the Psi telepathy contest target at the IASD dream confereence my description was so strongly of hotair ballons that i immediately picked that as the correct of the four pictures, and i felt a synchronicity to Glenns marvelous session on video, as if the gal who picked the target from 4 sealed envelopes was acting in a less than random manner. Or am i just sounding goofy and newagey here?
It felt on a gut level a sinchronicity, curiously, unexplainably the universe being both playful and spooky. Sort of a three shirely temple lunch.