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2007-Oct-27 Sat, 21:02

If you were given the chance to do anything, What would you do? Forget limits, forget physics, pretend your limits are boundless. Think for a second about the limitless possibilities that would await you. How would you react? What do you think about this proposition?

Here at PsionicsOnline, we encourage that everyone reach boundlessly into the sky. Just because something has not been discovered yet, does not make it false. Imagine for a split second that the abilities that you see on television or movies, such as Psychokinesis or Telepathy are actually possible. How would you react? Would you try to debunk this proposition? Would you try it out for yourself?

We at PsionicsOnline assume that things such as Psychokinesis and Telepathy do in fact exist. We (at least most of us) believe that such abilities may be achieved through practice, and aren't as far out on the spectrum as many people think. We call this Psionics.

This site was created as one place where people interested in the paranormal could get together, interact and share ideas. The initial idea to include a blog portion came about after many opinions and thoughts of others reguarding this subject. A few others and myself feel the community would benefit from a blog portion because of all of the experiences. It was created in hopes that a visitor will come to this site, see all of the experiences posted in the blog portion and make a decision that Psionics really does exist and that one can actually learn things such as Telekinesis, Telepathy and Energy Manipulation and will decide to learn and grow along with the rest of the community.

Perhaps if everyone knew about the possibility of Psychic phenomenon, more people would be open to more ideas, and possibilities. The openness in this respect perhaps would even lead to a furthering to human knowledge, and our advancement as a species.

We encourage an open mind. Its alright to be a skeptic, that may even be a good thing. Just don't dismiss the possibility. Try it for yourself. Read some of our articles, attend a few seminars and/or classes. We could sit here and spoon feed that Psionics does in fact exist, but the only one that can prove that to you is yourself alone.

In conclusion, perhaps there is something out there that you did not yet know about. If you leave here without trying Psionics for yourself, at least know that you left with a little extra "something" that you perhaps did not know before, or at least acknowledge the possibility. You may even leave with not only these abilities, but a new piece of knowledge about yourself, and thats all that matters in the end. So give it a chance, and be open to the possibilities, or the idea. Join our forums, share your thoughts. Read others blogs, form your own opinions. We look forward to your thoughts and contributions.


2007-Oct-28 Sun, 02:10
Seems like a most interesting idea when i went just now and took a quick look at the site. I didnt get any sense of WHO the folks actually are though, the folks creating it or participating. I saw only one member who had a name instead of a handle. While Metalforever is a lovely name for instance it feels a step removed from well open communications. My real name IS Fortune and hopefully i won't say much that i wouldnt want my mother, google or the govt to to read. So i guess i am not very comfortable participating where identities mostly remain mysteries. I'm even more likely to read atricle when i know who wrote them. The purpose of the site does sound most admirable however.

2007-Oct-28 Sun, 08:23
Even though most of the people there use alias's (we do this for a reason), it doesnt make the site not creditable. All of the articles are reviewed by me personally, to insure quality, as with the media(i know what to look for...., ive seen countless fakes)and i have years of experience. A lot of people just in those forums have been around 8-10 years.

You may not want to take my site seriously, or any other Psionic site do to the alias's involved, but just make note that we are there, and we wouldn't be trying to teach this stuff (hours of every day of mine is dedicated to learning and teaching other Psionics, so much that i consider Psionics my "life") if it didn't exist. Just be open to the possibility...., and if you have nothing to gain from the site, at least do a little research, or even don't, but walk away with a little something extra. We aren't asking for anyones money, just their attention, its an educational site.

I use an alias for the simple fact that there are people I know that would disdain this sort of thing, so I like to keep it to myself, at least concerning my family, but the information is there for anyone with an open mind.

2007-Oct-29 Mon, 23:42
Trying to think what it must be like to have people powerful enough that distain what you love being into where you don;'t feel free to be into it publically. It can't feel conmfortable. Guess i have been out of the rv psi closet so long iand no ones distain has had any impact on me or family regarding it. And all the others there too have that? I wish you all well and hope the social pressures lessen so its not necessary to hide your identity.
I didn't say i didnt take the material seriously.Just that it would seem like a mascarade to particiopate where others are "masked" and one is not.
I like to read on the subject.I'll just consider you all "mystery" authors then. grin. Well for all i know you could be in some repressive country where there could be dire consequences to speaking freely. best of luck and keep a low profile
So can yiou explain the term psitronics?