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2007-Oct-29 Mon, 09:22
Hi All,

I've put a link to HRVG in the book I'm writing, describing it as the most proficient group of remote viewers in the world today. I'm putting chapters online as I finish to get feedback. If anyone has any comments, I'd very much appreciate them. This is the link to the chapter that references HRVG.


Craig Hogan

Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Oct-29 Mon, 10:12
Aloha Craig,

We have been pretty quiet here lately with many of us attending the conference and the last few days I have been moving to a new home on the other side of the mountain. I will get some time after November 1st to catch up and hit your book. With all the activity moving homes, to kick back for a good read sounds inviting. Thanks for including us in your work and I look forward to reading it.

Best Regards

2007-Oct-30 Tue, 08:21
Hi Glenn,

Wonderful! I look forward to any comments, positive and negative, you have.


2007-Oct-30 Tue, 14:09
Alot of work there Craig. I will read all yiou got up there. I too have been impressed with the guild here and that wildman Glenn. I think what i said last yr meeting Glenn in person and hearing more what they are up to, i said they were the only thing with a pulse in rv. Did you go to the conference this year? Dick did a most excellent presentation on the method and he was a great mc, he is smooth and swah-vey, a real pro.
You sound like a man on a spiritual path validated by life in a body on planet, and i admire you intent in writing it.

2007-Oct-31 Wed, 07:18
Nicely done Craig. Nicely done.
When do you think you will have completed your manuscript?
You might like to actually TAKE the HRVG course to see what it's really about.
The course will give you first hand experience. You might surprise yourself.
Best Regards

2007-Oct-31 Wed, 16:31
Hi Robert,

Yes, I have been very impressed by the HRVG work and the rigor of the course. My degrees are in training and I was a full-time consultant training medical and university faculty in how to teach for some years. The HRVG training is very impressive.

Years ago, when the HRVG course was just a twinkle in Glenn's eye, I wanted to get involved in taking it and be helpful in any way I could as it was developed, but was trying to get my business going and ran out of time. I think I did some of the early lessons, but can't recall now. I regret not having stayed with it at the time because I have even less time now.

I'm hoping to complete the book within the next couple of months. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


2007-Nov-01 Thu, 12:21
i read all your chapters and tried to pem you some comments but it xcame back to my gmail where i had copied and pasted the contact comments address you had on the site.

2007-Nov-12 Mon, 12:47
Hi Fortune,

Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I've been out of contact.

I'm sorry you couldn't get the comments to me. Send anything you have to me at my business site, http://writingtrainers.com. You can send it to center@writingtrainers.com.