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2007-Nov-05 Mon, 13:27
I will be going to Sante Fe NM for about a week this wednes for what promises to be an interesting conference dealing with sound healing. Some presenters deal with brainwave entrainment. I have used Jerrhy Thompsons brainwave theta cds and Stephen Halphrens cds previously who will be presenting as well as one of my favorites Jonathan Goldman. If interested in the subject here's a link for this conference, The same outfit produces some other good conference events on consciousness, altered states, and sacred sexuality.I'll catch up on the news on my return.

Happy move for Glenn and the Guild.


2007-Nov-15 Thu, 12:32
Back to sealevel. santa Fe was retro touristy and expensive but the conference kept us too busy to see much between 9 am and 10 pm except on meal breaks.

There was this "gong bath" presentation the first day. I wasnt expecting much but it had a rather amazing effect on opening up a flood of visuals and a seeming diownload (zipped) that continued for days every time i closed my eyes. Sonme of my favorite presenters were Jonathan Goldman, Freddy Silva (sacred sites crop circles ) and especially Randy Masters (frequency tuning forks ancient sound codes sacred geometry).

I hit it off really well with Randy (we talked about sonme sesoteric subjects of nutal interest) and he put me on his invitation only class lisst he holds at his house. I gave a mini reding to one of his assistants and talked about rv and they might set up for me to give a psi development or rv basic class right before or after one of Randy's classes. He is just brilliant, i'd love to see him and Glenn put their heads together i think they would get along very well. Its refreshing to interface with intelligence versitle people without ego trips and hidden agendas, with benificial intent and diligence. Thats the type of people i learn the most from and respect. I got a set of tuning forks to play with.

2007-Nov-15 Thu, 20:52
Gong bath sounds like fun. How did the whole thing come about. Can you give us details?

2007-Nov-16 Fri, 07:21
he gonng bath? Well the fellow's name is Richard Rufis. i dont know his background but he uses the gong and other sound implemebnts like chimes and bowls ect to clear out the noise and things "stuck' sort of clogging up ones perceptions and chakras. We lay on the floor with our heads toward the gong and he played it. I know for me the affect was initially visual, i saw a flood of visual impressions. At first they were of a rather scarey unpleasant nature which i felt representeed the blocks and resistences, so i endeavored to move toward and through them. As in any transformational visons i have experienced that sort of action has taken me to a clearer higher state realizing what i may find to fear is of my own creation.

Moving through the first stage which seemed comparable to what some might call a lower astral i seemed to be seeing an altogether different sort of visual, much like one gets during ERV (extened rv) a sort of grainy fast moving - with me fast moving within it- video effect at a site or sites. I asked the question where is this coming friom and the information came through to me that this was in answer to to questions i have long sought answers to on my own particular soul quest from ancient times and the answers were from my own inner wiser self. I felt saw scenes from an earlier time - very much the same as i sometimes see in rv, i could see the ground moving beneath me this time what appeared to be a floor and stairways made of flat stone work.

As i moved through the visual acenes i also seemed to be acessing information in condensed conceptual form that over a period of the next few days seemed to unzip themselves along with the unfolding visual scenes when i closed my eyes. I found i had to balance my interest in the information and my desire not to tune out the other fascinating events of the conference. I wrote as fast as i could notes relating to what information presenting itself as to facilitate remembering it during breaks alternating with focased attention on presentations. It was like having a dreamscape waiting to unfold the moment i focused on it, waiting inticingly.

I think my reaction was in part because of a mindset that has indeed been long questing in certain directions and that intent and focus on finding usful information clear of imagination and fear. Other people had various experiences often of a more relaxiing or energizing nature, visual but perhaps not to the ongoing extent mine were. i tend to reference things in a visual and kinetic way which influencers also my response to things .

The whole conference was informative and experiential. As i mentioned i was extremely impressed with Randy Masters as a person and a presenter.

2007-Nov-16 Fri, 13:06
Thanks for the detailed answer...it's much appreciated!

I did a search on "gong baths" and found loads of information. I plan to look up a yoga center in my area and see if I can try one. The visual's you were getting during the bath could enhance your overall RVing skills. It's been said sound is a great way to awaken the third-eye, and the gong baths seem very helpful with this.

Makes you wonder if they should do these baths at the next RVing conference.... maybe the participant's can have big increases in their abilities.


2007-Nov-17 Sat, 10:59
Psycoaccoustics, frequency, and resonance were some of the most frequent terrms i heard used during the sound healing congference.

I think the most influential ways we can effect others to open their minds and hearts, AND eyes and ears to new ideas is to speak about our own experiences in questioning, researching and trying things.

When it comes to auditory data in rv sessions, sounds dont present as readily to me as visuals or kinestics for sure. It would be nice to open that reference system more. In hearing mode i mostly get an occasional spoken conceptual come through that i seem to hear via the non physical ears. Do you guys (over in hula-land )use nlp eye movments? to help getting sounds?