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Dick Allgire
2007-Nov-19 Mon, 22:36
I'm sure Glenn will put up a much more detailed and erudite explanation of what we talked about in class tonight. Because Glenn has been busy moving we have not met, and he has not posted much since the IRVA conference a month ago.

Glenn is getting settled in at his new house and we held class tonight. I bet an interesting post is coming soon. (Glenn bets RED because he can only bet red.) While we were in Las Vegas we did something amazing. We stepped up to roulette wheels in very noisy casinos over consecutive nights and we dominated the wheels. We won money consistently, every time we played.

Tonight Glenn brought out a white board and challenged us to step up and diagram exactly HOW we were able to do that. Glenn insists that we not only believe in remote viewing and entrainment, but that we also can demonstrate it, and even as important- explain the model for what we are doing, how and why it works.

It was a complex task- standing there at the board with dry erase markers diagraming the players, the wheel, the environmental noise, the seeming "randomness" of the spinning wheel and the dropping ball, the intent of the players, the affinity of the game pieces, the effect of observation and rehearsal, and don't forget the greater field that is consciousness. We came up with a complex diagram on the white board. I urged Glenn to not wipe it clean just yet- to save it and document it. (I'll get a JPEG of it.)

What we did in Las Vegas was phenomenal and our understanding of it requires some real thought and contemplation.

Thanks Glenn. It is 10:32 PM Hawaii time after class and I'm sure you are at your keyboard right now putting down your thoughts and advice. I look forward to reading your post.


Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Nov-20 Tue, 02:45
Now he had reached the point where he no longer heard the sound of the ball. The spin of the wheel had brought him home to the place where he was born. The Croupier's mission was accomplished; he was master of the game. He had acquired the power to make you....lose.

The Croupier...1998

We are very fortunate indeed that we never went up against a Croupier of this caliber, because if we exist surely he does too. That's something to think about as we continue to discuss the recent entrainment fun in Las Vegas. This evening's class was meant to attempt to clarify what exactly happened, and how it can be plausibly reasoned. When I asked you Dick to diagram out the event itself it was to paint a picture for us to understand what the environment looked like and what individual components made up that environment. Understanding the environment will lead you to the root cause of our success. That cause was specifically "Affinity". When I first designed the entrainment between the Blue Pawn and the White Pawn I wanted you to be able to see "Affinity". What you actually saw was far more complex and while it pushes the limit of my comprehension the consistent repeatability made it easier to understand.

I contrived a condition where it became my belief that these two pawns wanted to be in the closest proximity possible. In my mind I rehearsed many times the situation in which these two pawns would exert an attraction to each other. That one place was the numbered field on the Roulette table. The rest is just as you observed it. Spin the wheel and drop the ball and place the blue pawn on the numbered place depicted by the result of the spin. Spin the wheel a second time to place the white pawn. If the "Affinity" link between the two existed then the second spin should place the white pawn close to the blue pawn, either in the same numbered space or an adjacent numbered space. It happened again and again ... but why?

It happened because of the relationship between Time, Consciousness, and Chaos. For the white pawn to consistently follow the blue pawn up and down the board there must be something else at play; something that is cooperating with the affinity link between the two pawns. That something is the chaos of the interaction of the wheel and ball. It intimates that randomness does not really exist but settles or conforms to the environment. In the case of the pawns chaos became part of the entrainment, it actually cooperated with the link between the pawns to produce a result that would close the loop and allow the two pawns to rest beside one another. Attraction completed.

In the video you made on my lecture on how remote viewing works you captured a spin of the wheel and the ball drop by Jared that demonstrated exactly what "Affinity" looks like. As I recall I instructed Jared to spin the wheel and drop the ball. The blue pawn was on 25 and the white pawn was across the board. The ball settled on 25 and the white pawn was moved to rest beside the blue. The point of knowledge is in the realization that chaos is closely related or a part of consciousness. The thresholds between time, consciousness, and chaos may be less of a demarcation and more of a blur or smear. I am using the term chaos and not randomness. What is perceived to be random is chaos observed. It is quite possible that neither time, consciousness, nor chaos exist either. It may be that all three are merely extremes of a single condition or force.

What becomes evident from the pawn affinity entrainment is that the human in exercising consciousness can create a link between inert objects and coerce chaos to cooperate with the fulfillment of the attraction established in the entrainment.

Let's push on to Roulette. Vegas, big city, big lights, big noise. The Hat, the Car, The Thimble, The Dog, The Horseman, and the Ship all linked to Patterns of play on the Roulette table. The active element is still simple Affinity". Something we have seen and believe it is possible to attach to inert objects. We established a proximity relationship between players one (1) and three (3). For the entrainment to culminate you must put the objects in play and chaos must cooperate and you must observe the patterned play. As we saw it did in a big way. We had replicated in Vegas what we had seen again and again at our table in Hawaii. I wanted to be sure that only player two (2) exercised intuition as player one (1) and three (3) had to bet a pattern. Like you said "I can only bet Red". When the leader board became Red and stayed Red others began to realize something was happening. We began to get questions from the people around us, the three (3) Red 1's in a row followed by the long run of solid Reds where the only money the house won was from those who did not have the small pewter monopoly tokens became very obvious. At times chaos insisted on culmination of the entrainment. The ball flying out of the wheel housing and bouncing on top of the Plexiglas cover to roll back in the small opening and drop to the wheel face and rest on our selected number. The house declined to pay that one.

I will write more tomorrow but a few things should be obvious. What happened was planned and rehearsed. An entrainment using an Affinity mechanism occurred. The event can be diagramed and explained within plausible terms that we understand regardless of whether it is the truth. It is and was "A" truth. The question in your mind must be "If entrainment can show us affinity, what else can it show us"?

For starters it can show us how to nudge or move data in remote viewing. It may be the only way to move data from the present to the past. If you now believe in the direct link between objects and concepts such as affinity can you believe it is possible to link your own consciousness to a remote object or target and entrain a data flow? This is where we are heading so pull up a chair.

More tomorrow...